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These Are The Top 10 Most Obese Cities In The US, As Per Reports

A recent report by WalletHub highlights the prevalence of obesity in the United States, with the Southern region dominating the list of the top 10 most obese cities. Led by McAllen, Texas, these findings underscore the ongoing challenges faced by communities nationwide in combating weight-related issues.

Top 10 Most Obese Cities In US Photo: Pexels

A new report has found that the 10 most obese cities in the United States are predominantly located in the Southern region.

Researchers at WalletHub conducted an analysis of obesity rates nationwide, revealing that 42% of Americans face weight-related challenges. They considered various factors such as health awareness and dietary habits to identify the top 100 most obese areas in the country.

McAllen, a small city situated on the southern border of Texas close to Mexico, claimed the top spot as the most obese city in the United States. Following closely behind are Jackson, Mississippi; Shreveport, Louisiana; Mobile, Alabama; and Little Rock, Arkansas, completing the top five rankings.

The first Northeastern cities on the list included Scranton, Pennsylvania, ranked at 44; Providence, Rhode Island, at 47; and Hartford, Connecticut, at 56.

New York City, on the other hand, found itself positioned in the lower portion of the list, securing the 88th spot.

Within the New England region, New Haven in Connecticut secured the 68th position, while Springfield, Massachusetts, and Portland, Maine, claimed the 73rd and 75th spots, respectively. Bridgeport, Connecticut, earned the 80th rank, with Worcester, Massachusetts, closely trailing at 86th.

Among major cities nationwide, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, ranked 13th; New Orleans, Louisiana, 17th; Dallas, Texas, 25th; Detroit, Michigan, 34th; Cincinnati and Cleveland, Ohio, secured the 42nd and 46th positions, respectively. Charlotte, North Carolina, rounded out the top 50.

In the latter half of the list, major metropolitan areas included Las Vegas, Nevada, at 57th; Baltimore, Maryland, at 63rd; Los Angeles, California, at 74th; Washington, D.C., at 82nd; Chicago, Illinois, at 84th; and Boston, Massachusetts, at 98th.

Regarding dietary habits and exercise, residents in Seattle might be more conscientious: the city in the Pacific Northwest claimed the last-place finish at 100th.

Here are the Top 10 Most Obese Cities in the United States

  1. McAllen, Texas

  2. Jackson, Mississippi

  3. Shreveport, Louisiana

  4. Mobile, Alabama

  5. Little Rock, Arkansas

  6. Knoxville, Tennessee

  7. Memphis, Tennessee

  8. Lafayette, Louisiana

  9. Baton Rouge, Louisiana

  10. Chattanooga, Tennessee