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Taraji P Henson's 5 Most Intriguing Movies to Rewatch on Her Birthday

Taraji P Henson marks her 53rd birthday today, and here are a few iconic films of the actor that can be a great way to celebrate her day and life at large

Taraji P Henson celebrates her 53rd birthday today.

Think of making a mark in the world of entertainment and Taraji Penda Henson may top the list. Having begun her long career with TV shows after graduating from Howard University, Taraji has become one of the sought-after actors in Hollywood, known for being the best version of her characters that otherwise can be played by none other.   

As we celebrate her birthday, here's a list of five must-watch Taraji P. Henson movies that showcase her exceptional talent and versatility.

The Family That Preys (2008)

In this gripping dramedy, Henson shines as Charlotte Cartwright. The film delves into the intricate relationships between two families and how their choices intertwine their lives. Henson's portrayal of Charlotte is nothing short of brilliant, as she effortlessly transitions between anger, sorrow, joy, and humor. Her performance beautifully captures the essence of a strong-willed yet loving character, making "The Family That Preys" one of Henson's finest works.

No Good Deed (2014)

Henson takes on the role of Terri, a successful attorney who extends a helping hand to a mysterious stranger played by Idris Elba. Her performance in this thriller is truly mesmerizing. She artfully portrays Terri's vulnerability and courage in the face of potential danger, showcasing her remarkable acting prowess. 

Baby Boy (2001)

In "Baby Boy," Henson embodies the character of Yvette, a strong and vulnerable single mother. Her commanding presence on screen is complemented by her ability to convey the struggles of a single mother trying to make ends meet. Henson's portrayal showcases both resilience and vulnerability, highlighting her remarkable range as an actress.

Hidden Figures (2016)

Henson’s performance in "Hidden Figures" has surely made history in the world of Hollywood films. In the film, she plays the role of Katherine Johnson, an African-American mathematician and physicist who served as a key figure in the early days of the US space program. Through the film, Henson beautifully portrays the journey of a celebrated scientist who overcame numerous obstacles to provide a greater platform for women and minorities in STEM fields. 

Acrimony (2018)

In this Tyler Perry-produced drama, Henson portrays Melinda, a wife who has had enough of her cheating husband. Her performance is powerful and emotionally charged, as she portrays the pain, anger, and eventual strength of her character. "Acrimony" is a gripping tale of empowerment and justice after betrayal, and Henson has undoubtedly done justice to the role.

So, what better way to celebrate the iconic star’s birthday than to watch these timeless movies and get a slice of life from each of it? 

Happy birthday, Taraji!