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Sean Penn: American actor’s favourite books

Iconic actor and filmmaker Sean Penn has also made a mark in the world of literature with his debut novel Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. Here we feature some of his favourite books.

Actor,director and writer Sean Penn with writer Robert Kerstetter at a 2018 book reading event

Apart from being a renowned American actor and filmmaker, Sean Penn is also an avid reader and has also written a book. He made his literary debut with Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. Penn has a variety of interests, and reading is one of them. Some of Sean Penn's favorite books include:

  1. You Can't Win by Jack Black (1926)

Sean Penn revealed that one of his favorite books is You Can't Win written by American drifter Jack Black. He tells the story of his experiences as a minor criminal, train hopper, and overall intrepid traveler. He provides knowledge on the hobo subculture, and the difficulties of living on the periphery of society.

  1. Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer (1996)

Next on his list is Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer. Into the Wild is a non-fiction book released in 1996. The book recounts the real events that led Christopher McCandless, a young man, to the wilds of Alaska after abandoning his traditional life to go out on an adventure and search for himself.

  1. Every Love Story Is a Ghost Story: A Life of David Foster Wallace by D. T. Max (2012)

Another book which Penn likes is D.T. Max's biography of David Foster Wallace. The book focuses on the life and literary work of the acclaimed American author David Foster Wallace. The biography provides an in-depth look at Wallace's personal life, struggles with mental health, his contributions to contemporary literature etc.

  1. Recital of The Dog by David Rabe (1993)

Next on Penn’s list is David Rabe’s Recital of The Dog. In the book, a painter fleeing the chaos of the city for the peace of the country soon has his expectations dashed by a dog that terrorizes his meager herd of cows. The man shoots the dog out of desperation to bring order back into his world, unknowingly setting himself up for a nightmare as he loses sense of reality and starts behaving like the dog.

  1. Ghost Wars by Steve Coll (2004)

Ghost Wars by Steve Coll is another book that Sean Penn likes. The book gives a thorough and in-depth description of the circumstances leading up to

the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the US, with a special emphasis on the Central Intelligence Agency's (CIA) role and Afghanistan's complicated history.