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Revisiting funniest moment of Chandler Bing from “FRIENDS” on Matthew Perry’s birthday

As we celebrate the birthday of the talented Matthew Perry, there's no better way to honor his comedic genius than by revisiting some of the side-splitting moments that his character, Chandler Bing, gifted us on the hit TV show "Friends."

Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc for "Friends"

Matthew Perry, the actor who put life into the character of Chandler, celebrates his 54th birthday today. On his birthday today, remembering his iconic role, here we revisit funniest moment of Chandler Bing from FRIENDS:  

Season 7, Episode 3- Chandler with father-in-law Geller

A hilarious incident unfolds between Chandler and his father-in-law Jack Geller in a sauna when Chandler unintentionally sits on Jack's lap. The situation arises from Monica's suggestion that Chandler bond with her father, though this idea takes an unexpected turn. He gets more embarrassed when what he assumes is an entry into a steam room turns out to be a crowded pool area. 

Season 2, Episode 4 - The third nipple secret
A bunch of secrets are revealed in this episode as the friends uncover Joey's involvement in a pornographic film and the mystery behind Monica's underwear hanging from a terrace telephone pole during her time with Fun Bobby. However, the most funny revelation centers around Chandler, who has a unique hidden secret: a third nipple. 

Season 6, Episode 5- The situation with the triplets

While jointly babysitting the triplets with Phoebe and Monica, Chandler tries to demonstrate that his beloved action figure is safe for babies. Ironically, he ends up swallowing the toy himself. Thankfully, the triplets are too young to grasp the silliness of the situation, sparing Chandler further embarrassment.

Season 1 , Episode 7- The blackout
Chandler seems to find himself in amusingly awkward scenarios when attractive women are present. During a citywide blackout, Chandler gets stuck in an ATM vestibule while his friends are at their apartment. He shares this cramped space with the Victoria's Secret model Jill Goodacre. However, his attempt to impress her by blowing a bubble with chewing gum backfires, leading to an uncomfortable choking episode. 

Season 8, Episode 13-  Chandler's bathing experience
Monica persuades Chandler to indulge in a relaxing bath with scented oils and bath salts. However, Chandler takes relaxation to an extreme by monopolizing Monica's meticulously drawn bath intended for her own use. At one point, Chandler's friends barge into the bathroom, initiating a conversation. His attempt to cover himself with a toy boat fails as it directs their attention to his exposed body.

Chandler Bing brought sarcasm to a whole new level. With his razor-sharp wit, impeccable comedic timing, and an uncanny ability to find humor in the most unexpected situations, Chandler became the beating heart of the iconic show Friends.