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Prince William And Kate Middleton Celebrate 13th Anniversary “Very Differently” As Princess Continues Cancer Treatment

The Prince and Princess of Wales, are mark their 13th wedding anniversary this year. However, since Princess Kate is undergoing cancer treatment following abdominal surgery earlier this year, the celebration will be private.

Prince & Princess of Wales (File photo) Photo: X

Prince William and Kate Middleton, now the Prince and Princess of Wales, will celebrate their 13th wedding anniversary in a private setting as the Princess undergoes treatment for cancer.

The exact type of cancer Kate is battling remains undisclosed.  She revealed her diagnosis earlier this year following major abdominal surgery in January.  While the initial surgery was believed to be non-cancerous, tests conducted afterward revealed the presence of cancer.  As a precaution, she is now undergoing chemotherapy.

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams confirmed the private celebration plans on GB News, stating, "They will undoubtedly be celebrating their 13th wedding anniversary privately."

He elaborated on the unique circumstances, "This year will be very different from previous years as Catherine is undergoing preventative chemotherapy after recovering from abdominal surgery."

Prince William and Kate Middleton, who met as students in 2001, married at Westminster Abbey in 2011. Fitzwilliams praised their enduring partnership, saying, "This is clearly a marriage of like minds as the years have shown."

He continued, highlighting their focus on family, "They are focused on parenthood with its ups and downs and ensuring their children grow up in as normal a way as possible."

In past years, the couple has shared a family video or photo to mark their anniversary. Fitzwilliams explained, "On their 10th wedding anniversary, they shared a delightful family video, last year it was a happy photograph of them riding bicycles together."

Respecting the Princess's request for privacy, Fitzwilliams concluded, "The princess has appealed for time, space and privacy at this difficult time and there is unlikely to be a public commemoration of any kind."