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Parents embracing the truth about their teenage gay child

There are various ups and downs a parent faces when their kid comes out to them about their sexuality. Some of the potential struggles of parents are listed below

Teenage Gay Child (Representational Image)

All parents want the best for their children. Whether it is the personal life of a child or a professional, parents always wish to extend their support. However, providing support to children is not always easy especially if you are the parent of a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or questioning (LGBTQ) child. In these case scenarios, every parent must understand that they should respond rather than react.

It is one of the most sensitive issues when a child decides to come out. At this point, what the child needs is his or her parents' support and understanding. On the other hand, it's a rollercoaster ride of emotions for parents who unveil the truth about their kids. 

Some of the potential struggles that parents can face can be: 

1. Concern for their child's well-being 

The first thing that hits parents is the well-being and safety of their kids due to the potential for discrimination, bullying, or social exclusion. All these factors pose a potential threat to destroy a child's mental and emotional health.

2. Societal Norms

Another concerning factor for parents is societal norms. It is no hidden fact that it is extremely hard for a kid to come out with his or her identity, given the fact that society is not really supportive. As a result, parents always remain in tension about how society will accept their children.

3. Social Stigma 

Social stigma is another factor that gives parents constant tension. The thought of how others including family and friends will react to the news makes parents worried. 

4. Adjustment of expectations 

Since the understanding of their child's revelation is unknown territory for parents, it is always advisable for parents to embrace new possibilities, parents may need to modify their expectations for their child's life trajectory, including relationships and family dynamics.

5. Coping with the reactions of others 

Parents may have to face various reactions from people in their surroundings. The reactions of others may be overwhelming for parents. While some friends and family may be in support of it, others may oppose and perceive the situation negatively.