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Caleb Coffee: Tik Tok Star Hospitalized With Spinal Injury and Broken Neck After Falling Off Cliff in Hawaii

TikTok sensation Caleb Coffee's hike in Hawaii took a treacherous turn on August 16th when he fell off a towering cliff, sustaining severe injuries including a broken neck and spinal fracture. Caleb faces a daunting road to recovery.

Tik Tok Star Caleb Coffee Hospitalized

Caleb Coffee, an 18-year-old, found himself hospitalized on August 16th following a fall from a cliff while hiking in Hawaii with a trio of companions. Caleb slipped from a bluff ranging between 60 to 80 feet in height, ultimately landing on lava rocks during their expedition. Swift action led to his airlifting to an emergency room, where medical professionals attended to his injuries, including a spinal fracture and fractures of his femur, elbow, and wrist.

Caleb, who has 11 million TikTok followers, endured numerous gouges and burns all over his body.

His sister Peyton Coffee stated that the complete scope of his injuries remains uncertain. She said Peyton is also struggling to hold down food . The medical team has advised Caleb to anticipate additional injuries surfacing in the coming weeks.

On August 17, Caleb's father, Jason Coffee, provided an update via his Instagram Story, revealing that Caleb's condition is stable and he is fully conscious. Jason emphasized that his son is engaged in conversation and maintaining a positive attitude.

He mentioned that there is a minor neck fracture allowing full motion in his toes and fingers. His femur was also broken and required surgery with a rod insertion. Furthermore, his right elbow holds 2 plates and 10 screws, while his left wrist is fractured. Notably, he has stitches in his forehead and lip. He recently underwent an additional MRI examination to further assess his neck condition.

Jason expressed his gratitude to his followers for their kind messages during the influencer's medical emergency. He appreciated all the love and support saying it really feels like family. Jason urged fans to keep the Coffee family in their thoughts. 

Caleb, who often shares pictures of his outdoor escapades, exercise regimens, and amusing family instances, relocated to Hawaii in May.

He had shared on Instagram earlier this year that he was returning to Hawaii, bidding farewell to Texas. Following his move, Caleb adjusted his bio on his page to convey, "Embracing life to the fullest in Hawaii."