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AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon offer iPhone 15 for free, to increase subscribers

American mobile service providers - AT&T, T Mobile and Verizon Communications have started to promote free and heavily discounted deals for iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro, in a bid to increase their customer base

iPhone 15

Prominent American mobile network service providers, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon Communications, are promoting free and significantly discounted deals for the newly launched iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro to increase subscribers.
As per reports, these companies are offering the new iPhone models either at zero cost and/or with $1000 discounts, along with free annual upgrades.

Below are the plans from each of the above-mentioned service providers:

The company announced that for existing and new customers, they are offering discounts of up to $1000 on the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro with a minimum trade-in value of $230. Additionally, for the iPhone 15, they will offer a discount of up to $830 with a minimum trade-in value of $130.

These offers are available to users who are on their eligible instalment plans and will be distributed via bill credits.

They are offering a free iPhone 15 Pro (128 GB) or providing a $1000 discount on any of the two iPhone 15 devices with certain eligible trade-ins, only for those customers who are on their Go5G Plus or Go5G Next plans. These deals will be distributed via bill credits.
Additionally, T-Mobile announced that they are offering up to a $650 discount on any of the iPhone 15 devices for customers who are on their Magenta Max plans and provide an eligible trade-in. Furthermore, they will also offer a $350 discount for customers on their Go5G and Magenta plans.

Reports state that T-Mobile will provide a $700 discount on a second iPhone for any customer who purchases an iPhone 15 and subscribes to any of their plans.

Verizon Communications:
Verizon announced that they will offer new customers an iPhone 15 Pro (128 GB) or up to a $1000 discount on any of the devices in the iPhone 15 series if they trade in an older iPhone in any condition and also subscribe to their Unlimited Ultimate Plan.

Additionally, for customers who purchase their Unlimited Plus plan, Verizon will offer up to an $830 discount on the iPhone 15 along with a trade-in. Those customers who opt for their Unlimited Welcome plan are eligible for a $415 discount as well.
Existing Verizon customers can receive up to an $830 discount on an iPhone 15 with specific trade-ins and eligible Unlimited Plans.

All deals are distributed by Verizon through promotional credits.
According to reports, the intensity of these promotions from these network service providers showcases just how much money they are willing to burn in their bid to get maximum subscribers, fueled by an urgency to push their sales forward before the start of the holiday season.