Towards Bitcoin Halving - Updated List Of Best Altcoins To Buy Before Halving

Top Altcoins to Target Ahead of Bitcoin Halving - KangaMoon Emerges as a Promising Investment Option

Top Altcoins to Target Ahead of Bitcoin Halving

The crypto market made giant strides in the first couple of months of 2024 with many cryptos posting substantial increases. With the first quarter of 2024 set to end in April, analysts and investors are looking up to a major event that is likely to happen in the month. Notably, the Bitcoin halving where miners are cut into half happens every 4 years.

Since the last Bitcoin halving happened on May 11, 2020, there is every indication that the next Bitcoin halving will be in April 2024. Usually, the impact of the halving has a far-reaching effect on Bitcoin and other altcoins. As such, investors need to position themselves to target the best altcoins to hold before the arrival of the Bitcoin halving.

Stacks, Immutable, Toncoin, and Cardano are some of the top altcoins to target in April. However, a new addition to the list is KangaMoon which has made an exceptional entry into the market, attracting a plethora of investors. With a low barrier to entry, KangaMoon provides the easiest and most promising route to becoming a millionaire in 2024.

Top 5 Altcoins To Have In Your Portfolio Ahead of the Bitcoin Halving

KangaMoon - A new meme coin with exceptional features such as SocialFi and P2E elements

Stacks - Stacks - A second layer protocol enhancing Bitcoin functionalities

Immutable - A layer-2 NFTs scaling solution on Ethereum

Toncoin - A decentralized layer-1 blockchain backed by Telegram

Cardano - A proof-of-stake blockchain platform helping to create a more secure, transparent, and fair society

Best Altcoins to Buy For Exponential Gains in 2024

●     KangaMoon (KANG)

KangaMoon (KANG) has made tremendous progress since the start of its presale in

January, raising over $4.2M with the token at the 5th stage of the presale. KangaMoon will be the first meme coin holding three utilities. It is a meme coin with a blend of play-to-earn functionalities and the socialFi model. It creates a community where meme individuals connect to enjoy an immersive gaming experience.

It has different perks and benefits for its community. It gives players a chance to showcase their gaming prowess, participate in intense gaming competitions, and earn significant prizes and rewards. In the same vein, KangaMoon allows spectators to predict gaming results, earning them good profits if their prediction is correct.

KangaMoon gives holders free tokens by completing simple social tasks such as commenting on posts and sharing tweets that are aimed at promoting the project online. The platform native token KANG has jumped from $0.0050 to $0.0196, giving early buyers a 290% ROI.

With over 20k registered community members and more than 5,800 token holders, KangaMoon's price is expected to hit $0.5 in the coming months. Also, as the team gears towards listing the token in a major tier 1 CEX exchange in Q2, analysts have projected 50x returns soon, making it one of the top altcoins to invest in now.

●     Stacks (STX)

Stacks is second on the list of our best altcoins to invest ahead of Bitcoin halving. The platform is a layer-2 Bitcoin network enabling the development of smart contracts and decentralized applications. Every transaction that goes on with Stacks is done using the Bitcoin Blockchain and uses the proof of transfer consensus algorithm to read from Bitcoin at any time.

The Stacks token has been in the uptrend since Q4 of 2023. The token which opened the year at $1.50, is now trading at $3.21. Thats more than a 100% rally. The Stacks price set a new ATH record of $3.84 on 1st April. While the crypto market is witnessing a retracement, some analysts are optimistic that Stacks price will hit $10 after the Bitcoin halving, putting it among the top altcoins to buy now.

●     Immutable (IMX)

Immutable is another layer-2 scaling solution for the Ethereum blockchain. Like other layer-2 networks, Immutable solves problems of low scalability, poor user experience, illiquidity and slower transactions that are common with the Ethereum main network. However, Immutable differs from other scaling solutions because it only solves NFT issues on Ethereum.

With Immutable, users can benefit from instant trading while still enjoying lower gas fees for minting their NFT assets. It uses a zero-knowledge-proof technology for its scalability and security. Immutable allows game developers to build scalable, maintainable, and faster games and applications seamlessly. Meanwhile, the Immutable price has increased by over 156% in the past year. Having tested the $3.5 resistance zone a few days ago, some analysts are bullish on the crypto and project 3x returns in the coming weeks.

●     Toncoin (TON)

Created by Telegram, The Open Network coin (TONCOIN) is one of the resiliently built blockchains that allows users to buy, store, and trade cryptocurrencies. It uses the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm that enables network reliability and security.

Toncoin is a platform that offers faster transactions, transparency, and seamless payment service. It also charges low gas fees on transactions and third-party applications. The $TON token is used as a governance token in the Toncoin ecosystem and holding this token qualifies one to contribute to voting and proposals aimed at developing the platform.

The ecosystem has witnessed massive developments in the past weeks which has reflected on the coin's performance in the market. Toncoin price has surged by 91% in the past month and a slight 2% in the past week. If the present momentum is sustained, some experts believe the price will hit $10 before the end of April.


●     Cardano (ADA)

Cardano ADA is a standalone blockchain network facilitating secure, transparent, and speedy transactions. It uses a Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm, allowing the development of decentralized applications and smart contracts using modularity. Cardano use cases are found in various fields and are used by agriculture companies to monitor farm produce from inception to finalization.

Meanwhile, the Cardano token has stabilized at the $0.55 mark. With a market cap of $20M and 24-hour trading volume of $525M, Cardano is one of the top altcoins projected for massive returns in the bull run.

When Exactly is the Next Bitcoin Halving?

The last Bitcoin halving event happened on May 11, 2020, and analysts are certain that the next Bitcoin halving will happen this month. However, there has been no clarity on the exact date. While some analysts project April 15, others believe the Bitcoin halving will come by the end of April. Whichever way, it is important not to be caught off-guard by the event. As such, investors are advised to be prepared for the events by purchasing the above-mentioned top altcoins for maximum profits in the coming weeks.


Closing Thought

As the world awaits the exact date of the Bitcoin halving, analysts have earmarked Immutable, Stacks, Toncoin, Cardano, and KangaMoon as potential top altcoins to watch. However, KangaMoon provides the best opportunity, particularly for low-budget investors. Aside from its key utilities that can stand the test of time, KangaMoon also has a low barrier to entry, making its potential profits a huge one. By investing $1000 now, investors’ profits may reach millions by the end of the year.

While these constitute the altcoin list, investors must conduct their research and understand that the crypto market is subject to fluctuation under different market conditions. With thorough research and an understanding of the risk associated with cryptocurrencies, investors will be able to make informed decisions when going into Bitcoin halving.


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