Samco’s Nilesh Sharma Has Good News: Samco Traders Can Now Get Free Access To TradingView Charts

Empowering Samco Traders with Free Access to TradingView Charts

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Once the domain of institutional investors who commanded significant amounts of capital, India’s financial markets have now opened up to include an influx of retail participants. Where individuals initially restricted themselves to the stock market alone, today, they are eagerly participating in other areas of the market too — particularly the derivatives segment. 

Data from the National Stock Exchange (NSE) reveals that in 2023, over 8 million traders were active in the derivatives market in India — a 30% spike from the retail investor participation in the year before. Interestingly, retail investors also now contribute to over 25% of the average daily turnover in the derivatives segment.

So, with the retail trader participation in the F&O market rising noticeably, how many of these traders find success in trading derivatives? As it turns out, marginally few. Nilesh Sharma, ED and President of Samco Securities, paints us a clear picture of the stark difference between participation and performance among India’s F&O traders. 

In FY22, India saw a surge in retail traders entering the F&O market, yet the stark reality is that 90% of them faced losses, with an average setback of ₹1.1 lakh. This contrast between high participation and poor performance highlights a critical gap in trading success. Many factors contribute to these losses, including a significant one — the lack of access to real-time trading charts and essential technical indicators. Without these tools, traders are navigating the market in the dark, so they are unable to make informed decisions. This results in widespread financial losses and deeply affects the growing community of traders.”

To bridge this gap and democratise the availability of crucial trading charts and insights, Samco Securities has collaborated with TradingView, the global super-charting platform. Now, the Samco trading app offers access to TradingView charts and a wide range of technical indicators for free. 

To understand and appreciate why this is a game-changing initiative for traders, let’s take a closer look at why the absence of trading tools and charts can augment losses in the derivatives market.

The Key Issue for Traders: A Distinct Lack of the Right Options Trading Tools

The derivatives market is inherently complex and volatile. To experience success in such a dynamic segment, traders require current market insights coupled with precise strategy-building techniques. Unfortunately, it is manually impossible to study market movements and volatility accurately, analyse thousands of data points and review price and volume charts within a matter of seconds. 

Herein lies the key issue for traders — they lack the right trading tools and charts, and this results in a domino effect that leads to poor trading strategies, suboptimal market positions and ultimately, insurmountable losses.

Without access to advanced trading tools and real-time charts, traders are essentially flying blind. The absence of such resources can significantly augment losses because traders miss out on critical insights that could inform better decision-making and lose out on potential opportunities in the market. 

For instance, technical indicators like moving averages and RSI (Relative Strength Index) provide snapshots of market momentum and potential reversals, all of which are crucial for timing entries and exits in options trading. Similarly, real-time charts offer immediate visibility into market movements, so traders can respond swiftly to volatility or emerging patterns.

5 Key Benefits of the TradingView Integration in Samco’s Trading App 

Samco Securities has partnered with the leading super-charting platform TradingView to help traders overcome the critical problem of not having access to the necessary charting tools. With this partnership, traders with a Samco demat and trading account can access a whole host of advanced TradingView charts and features from the Samco trading app itself — all free of cost!

Here are the top ways in which users on the Samco trading platform can benefit from this integration. 

  • Multi-Chart Layout

Traders can now view up to 8 TradingView charts on the Samco trading platform and the Samco trading app. This makes it easy to analyse up to 8 stocks or securities, or even to evaluate charts for the same security across multiple timelines ranging from 1 minute to 1 month or more. While this feature is only available at a premium elsewhere, Samco offers it free of cost for users in its online trading community. 

  • Unlimited Saved Chart Layout

Another key advantage of the Samco-TradingView partnership is that traders get unlimited saves for previously used chart layouts. So, even if a trader decides to revisit a particular security or segment a few weeks or months later, they can find the charts originally used for previously successful or unsuccessful trades. This makes it easier to avoid repeating mistakes and capitalise on what worked before according to their charting history. 

  • Advanced Candlesticks

With TradingView charts integrated into the Samco trading app and web platform, traders can now look beyond standard candlesticks and look into more nuanced patterns and options like point and figure, Kagi, Renko, Heikin Ashi and more. Access to these advanced candlesticks on the Samco trading platform makes it possible for traders to filter out the noise and focus on the core trends — thus improving the chances of success. 

  • 50+ Technical Indicators 

Irrespective of the market segment in which a trader plans to initiate a trade, technical indicators are the holy grail for confirming or dismissing a market trend. For the average trader, assessing a plethora of indicators like SMAs, EMAs, Bollinger bands, RSI, MACD and more can be manually impossible. Here’s where the 50+ technical indicators integrated into the TradingView feature in the Samco trading app can be revolutionary for traders. 

  • No Additional Cost

While the advantages outlined above can undoubtedly improve the profit potential for traders, the apex benefit is that Samco Securities offers access to Trading View charts and indicators for free. Traders need not pay anything more than the standard Samco charges levied for using the Samco trading platform.

Speaking about how this is a pioneering trend in the brokerage industry, Samco’s Nilesh Sharma tells us why it’s important to ensure access to these critical tools for all traders. 

Finding all the essential trading charts and indicators in one place is often a challenge for traders. And even in the rare instances when they are available, they usually come with a fee attached. This becomes a significant deterrent — especially for those traders who already find it tough to secure profits in the volatile market. 

However, with Samco, we’ve put a positive spin on this scenario by offering TradingView insights free of cost. Traders can now access a comprehensive suite of charts, indicators, and trading tools without spending any extra money. I believe with this initiative, we have levelled the playing field. Now, resources that were once costly or scattered across platforms are available in one place at no additional charges.”

Members of the Samco trading community can utilise TradingView charts in many ways to improve their trading performance and outcomes in the market. 

How to Use TradingView Charts to Improve Trading Performance

TradingView charts offer a wide range of features like technical analysis tools, indicators, and real-time data to help traders make more informed decisions. By becoming familiar with the basic chart types available on TradingView, traders can extract different insights for the same scrip. 

The information from TradingView charts, when combined with technical indicators, makes it easier to predict future market movements and identify trends and potential reversal points. Traders with a Samco account can also use this feature to learn to recognize and apply different chart patterns.

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