Notcoin Continues To Trend! Uniswap Vote Delays Causes Holders To Flock To Raboo!

The best part is your profit on Raboo begins right from the presale. You can start posting meme-worthy content and earning your $RABT coins even before they go live.


Telegram-based token Notcoin (NOT) keeps tearing through the crypto ranks. Its sharp rise within the crypto-verse has upended some of the top crypto coins, like Solana. Uniswap (UNI) is dealing with internal struggles from the stakeholders, even while its case with the SEC looms in the shadows.

The DeFi world is boiling at the moment, and Raboo (RABT) is looking to cook up similar revolutions among the top meme coins. $RABT tokens are 60% up in value, and there's still loads of post-launch potential.

Don't sleep on Raboo!

Notcoin keeps notching the records

TON only got busier in the past few days, as Notcoin's launch has driven traffic to the network. The blockchain is set to receive even more traffic, as Notcoin's progress has inspired other Tap-to-Earn game projects.

Notcoin's journey began in late 2023, where users accumulated NOT tokens from tapping on a gold coin. By May, the game then advanced to feature new tasks and milestones, and users got on to the project. Since launch, Notcoin has been going through the crypto ranks, upsetting top crypto coins as it goes.

Notcoin's daily volume hit $4.5 billion on June 4, ranking just behind crypto giants Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether. The NOT token has been on a 14% decline in the past 7 days, as the anticipated price correction on Notcoin coincides with profit-taking.

Uniswap divided?

The Uniswap Foundation and UNI token holders seem to be at an impasse over the latest Uniswap vote. The vote increases the rewards for UNI token holders by giving them a cut from the liquidity providers' revenue, but Uniswap Labs has delayed the vote.

The Foundation met with a 'stakeholder' on concerns over the vote, and subsequently postponed the voting slated for Friday, May 31. Apparently, the decision hasn't sat well with the UNI token holders, as they have been inducing a lot of sell pressure on the platform ever since.

Uniswap dropped about 8.7% following the announcement, falling to $10.20. It's a week already, and Uniswap still hasn't crossed the $10.20 resistance. It's on a 1.14% slump on the 24-hour timeframes, meaning the users are still selling out their UNI stashes.

Notcoin's spike has been all over the news since its launch, and Raboo is looking to equal the records. With Uniswap down, you can trust UNI holders to be flocking to the $RABT presale.

Raboo is charging up meme-making in the crypto-verse

Meme coins might be heavily trending all over the market, but quality memes are at an all-time low. Since Dogecoin and the top meme coins seem to have lost the plot of meme creation, Raboo is changing things.

And change like that doesn't come easily. For Raboo, there's generative AI on its side to ensure that only memes of the highest quality make it out to the crypto-verse. Raboo is planning to engage its users in the meme making process, and they will be getting rewards for their participation.

That's easy. As a Raboo user, you only have to post memeable pictures, videos, and GIFs to help Raboo create its quality memes. The post-to-earn feature gives users token rewards from the 135-million-token pool as incentives, and you know what will follow.

More meme users will flock to Raboo's meme-verse, and before long, other meme projects will have to improve the quality of their memes or get swallowed up by Raboo.


The best part is your profit on Raboo begins right from the presale. You can start posting meme-worthy content and earning your $RABT coins even before they go live.

And when they do go live on the top-tier exchanges, you'd be looking at a 100x ROI. So, why wait?

The $RABT coins are in their 4th presale stage, selling at $0.0048 each. Buy yours today, and unlock meme potential with Raboo.