Crypto Tony Mentions Polygon (MATIC) And Injective (INJ) Among Coins Fit For HODL In The Next Bull Run, Meme Moguls Show Great Potential Too

Crypto Tony is optimistic about Injective and Polygon for holding and Meme Moguls spearheads a new agenda for memecoins.


The crypto space is buzzing right now with altcoins achieving impressive stats. While Solana has established itself as a standout altcoin, more crypto investors are now on the lookout for more altcoin gems with similar potential. Prominent crypto analyst, Crypto Tony particularly aired his opinions on X, revealing his top 5 coins to hold, mentioning Polygon and Injective. We’ll look into these coins and also reveal Meme Moguls’ incredible potential for major gains.

Meme Moguls (MGLS) Evolves Beyond Meme Coin Stereotype with Multiple Earning Capabilities

Unlike the majority of meme coins, Meme Moguls isn't just riding the hype train – it's your ticket to becoming a mogul in a trading and P2E platform.

Meme Moguls (MGLS) is a P2E meme token extravaganza flourishing on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform allows users to navigate simulated investing games, where $100,000 virtual cash is given to players to transform into real, cashable returns.

The interesting part is how you can invest up to 20% in a single venture, mirroring the real-world intricacies of diversified investing. With this Meme Moguls already show great potential of becoming the best cryptocurrency to invest in.

Meme Moguls also provides a thriving ecosystem for traders and investors to take advantage of. The platform presents a metaverse where connections are made, tokens are mined, and stakes are high. Here, there’s a liquidity pool where the more $MGLS tokens you stake the higher your token.

There’s also a wealth leaderboard system, where the top 20 moguls share a cash prize pool fueled by daily project revenues. High-ranking moguls also indulge in free and paid trading tournaments, accumulating cash prizes and coveted meme collectibles like Dogecoin and Pepe.

$MGLS token presents other amazing perks and incentives that present it as the best cryptocurrency to invest in.

Crypto Tony Sights Injective (INJ) and Polygon (MATIC) as Safer Holds for The Next Bull Run

Crypto Tony is highlighting five cryptocurrencies – Injective , Oasis , , Solana , and Polygon MATIC. They consider these holdings as significant and safe choices for the upcoming bull run in the crypto market. Injective and Polygon are two particular coins in the list with greater potential for major gains.

Injective for one, has had an impressive month, gaining over 119.66% increase in value raising Injective price from its below $15 price to at the start of the month to its current $36.85 to $37.66. Injective’s price is currently in a safe zone above its resistance level.

Considering how Injective reached its all-time high this year, it’s safe to say that INJ would trade at favorable rates that will give openings for another all-time high. However, market sentiment will play a pivotal role.

Another Yearly ATH Looms for Polygon (MATIC)

Polygon saw its first ATH (all-time high) in 2023, around February when the price of Polygon was a little above $1.4868.

Soon after, a major decline plunged Polygon below $1, until the recent altcoin season stirred Ploygon MATIC back above $1 a few days back. However, a series of fluctuations have prevented Polygon from taking a bullish position today.

Regardless, there’s much hope. Like Injective, Polygon is also on its way to hit another all-time high for the year as experts predict a maximum of $1.85 for Polygon price in 2024.