BRETT Up By 92% After KuCoin Listing - Meme Coin Market Expansion Ramping Up

BRETT's price hit a new all-time high, while $PLAY, $SEAL, $WAI, $DAWGZ, $SPONGE, and $KAI emerge as the best investing choice!

PlayDoge ($PLAY)
BRETT Up By 92% After KuCoin Listing - Meme Coin Market Expansion Ramping Up

Although most cryptocurrency prices have either stabilized or experienced slight retracements in the past 24 hours, certain assets continue to surge significantly. One such example is the frog-themed meme coin Brett (BRETT), which soared to a new all-time high exceeding $0.16, according to data from CoinGecko. Its market capitalization briefly surpassed $1.7 billion before settling at its current level of $1.6 billion. Its value surged by 92.14% in the last seven days.

This notable surge in BRETT's price coincided with KuCoin's decision to introduce the BRETT/USDT trading pair. Furthermore, the exchange announced a giveaway of 1,200,000 BRETT tokens to celebrate the new listing. Participants will receive tokens as rewards for each new user they invite to the platform. BRETT has also been supported by other prominent cryptocurrency exchanges in the past, including Bitget, BitMart,, and more. The meme coin market expansion seems to be ramping up, so this article will cover six meme coins worth investing in now!

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6 Meme Coins To Buy Now

While the price of BRETT is going up, it is a good moment to prepare by diversifying the portfolio because meme coins are extremely wanted now. These are the meme coins that investors shouldn't miss:

  1. PlayDoge ($PLAY)

  2. Sealana ($SEAL)

  3. WienerAI ($WAI)

  4. BaseDawgz ($DAWGZ)

  5. Sponge V2 ($SPONGE)

  6. KAI ($KAI)

Check out each of these meme coins up close, and join early investors to make the most of your investment!

  1. PlayDoge ($PLAY) - Reviving Tamagotchi with Play-to-Earn Rewards

PlayDoge is a cutting-edge play-to-earn meme coin that is perfect for those who want to experience the nostalgia of caring for a virtual pet with a modern twist. By combining blockchain technology with Tamagotchi pet care, players can enjoy taking care of their virtual pets while earning rewards.

With the strategic use of $PLAY tokens, the players can unlock exclusive Play-to-Earn rewards. Don't miss out on this unique gaming adventure that combines the best of both worlds - classic virtual pet care and modern blockchain rewards. If you were once a fan of Tamagotchi, you will love PlayDoge, too, so secure your tokens in time!

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  1. Sealana ($SEAL) – The Solana Meme Coin Poised to Explode Next


Sealana stands out as a one-of-a-kind meme coin on the Solana blockchain, showcasing an adorable, plump seal as its mascot. This light-hearted token cleverly pokes fun at meme traders, humorously attributing the main character's weight gain to its constant search for profitable meme coins with the potential to explode.

Sealana offers a fresh perspective on investing in meme coins by infusing wit and inventiveness. Sealana's whimsical narrative and quirky mascot bring a refreshing sense of fun to the often serious world of cryptocurrency trading. With over $3 million raised and the presale approaching its conclusion, secure your $SEAL tokens now to ensure you are part of this exciting project!

  1. WienerAI ($WAI) – Al Meme Coin Quickly Approaching $5 Million


WienerAI is revolutionizing the crypto trading scene with its innovative approach, featuring a cute dog as its main character. Besides being adorable, WienerAI provides a utility that attracts investors to join. This project introduces a user-friendly trading bot that incorporates predictive technology and is easy for all users, regardless of the experience.

Using it will help even beginners progress in their investing endeavors. The way it works is simple – the users write a question regarding the crypto they are interested in investing in, and in return, they will get a realistic and objective answer. With nearly $5 million raised, its popularity is clear, so make sure you join early investors!

  1. BaseDawgz ($DAWGZ) – The Newest Meme Coin Inspired by Shiba Inu

At its essence, Base Dawgz is a meme coin drawing inspiration from the Shiba Inu dog breed. It taps into the current enthusiasm surrounding meme coins, particularly those within the Base network. However, Base Dawgz doesn't just stop at being a meme. It also introduces staking pools, providing passive rewards for its holders. Additionally, it pioneers a refer-to-earn model, wherein individuals referring investors to the presale receive 10% of the investment size in USDT.

Moreover, Base Dawgz isn't confined to just one blockchain network. While it operates within the rapidly expanding Base network, it also boasts cross-chain interpretability. This means that $DAWGZ tokens will function seamlessly across various ecosystems, including Solana, BNB, Polygon, Ethereum, and Avalanche, attracting users to explore it!

  1. Sponge V2 ($SPONGE) – Meme Coin Celebrating SpongeBob While Bringing Utility

Sponge V2 emerges as one of the latest sensations among crypto enthusiasts. Drawing inspiration from the beloved character SpongeBob SquarePants, this cryptocurrency seamlessly merges the iconic figure with staking and Play-to-Earn (P2E) features, catering directly to the desires of players and investors alike.

Players with prowess can showcase their skills within the game and be rewarded for it. Moreover, a complimentary version is accessible for those seeking to test the waters. With substantial interest already garnered, boasting over $6 billion tokens staked and bridged, seize the opportunity to become part of the Sponge V2 initiative before its value skyrockets!

  1. KAI ($KAI) – Cat Meme Coin Fighting for Popularity Among Dogs

As numerous dog-themed meme coins have become popular, there is a growing trend of meme coins based on cats. Among these, KAI stands out in terms of its promising potential. KAI has a strong narrative, unlike projects such as Cat in a Dog's World. The innovative "fishing pond" staking mechanism introduced by KAI incentivizes long-term token holding, ensuring its ongoing relevance.

This mechanism offers lucrative rewards for staking tokens, allowing investors to actively contribute to the project's growth. With over $400k already raised, the growing interest from investors indicates KAI's potential. Investors can engage in the staking system from the presale phase, bolstering the project's ecosystem and prospects.


BRETT's recent surge to a new all-time high highlights its appeal among investors. However, amidst this excitement, other cryptocurrencies such as $PLAY, $SEAL, $WAI, $DAWGZ, $SPONGE, and $KAI emerge as compelling investment choices. These alternatives boast promising potential and may offer lucrative opportunities for investors seeking diversification and growth. Exploring various options beyond BRETT could be beneficial in maximizing returns and mitigating risk, so use the favorable market conditions to your advantage!