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Abhishek Tata, A Talented Gaffer And Key Grip Making Waves In Hollywood's Dynamic Film Industry

I am Abhishek Tata, a gaffer and key grip actively working on Hollywood projects in Los Angeles. I hail from Mumbai, India, and I have been working on my craft of filmmaking for over seven years now.

Abhishek Tata, a talented gaffer and key grip making waves in Hollywood's dynamic film industry.

Meet Abhishek Tata , a talented gaffer and key grip-making waves in Hollywood's dynamic film industry. Hailing from Mumbai, India, Abhishek's journey into the world of filmmaking was sparked by a captivating theatre performance, igniting a lifelong passion for visual storytelling. With seven years of dedicated commitment to his craft, he's ventured from the vibrant Indian film scene to the bustling heart of Hollywood, Los Angeles. Abhishek's educational journey, career experiences, and insights into the film industry provide a compelling narrative of dedication, growth, and the pursuit of excellence. Here, he is sharing his remarkable journey and aspirations for the future, offering a glimpse into the artistry that fuels his work in the world of cinema.

Kindly tell us about yourself.

I am Abhishek Tata, a gaffer and key grip actively working on Hollywood projects in Los Angeles. I hail from Mumbai, India, and I have been working on my craft of filmmaking for over seven years now. I feel I am one of those very lucky individuals who got a chance to go out of the traditional way and venture into something completely different. Cinema and filmmaking may not be the go-to career options for Indians today, but I aspire to change that approach, and I hope my success will motivate many more to venture into this beautiful world of art.


What triggered you to enter this field?

I got into filmmaking after I saw a play by my uncle, and ever since I fell in love with the visual art of storytelling. At that time, I couldn't understand it well, but now, when I look back, I can clearly say that those 2 hours were deciding the fate of my next 40 years. So, as soon as I finished school, I got into a film school to do my bachelor's, where I actually learned about cinema. It felt like a completely new world opened up to me as I immersed myself in world cinema, and 7 years later, I am here in the heart of Hollywood, Los Angeles, doing what I love the most: making good, valuable, and thought-provoking cinema.

Kindly tell us about your education, your career, and your achievements.

After finishing school, I earned my BA from Deviprasad Goenka Management College of Media Studies in Film television and new media production and then went on to work with big productions such as The Viral Fever (TVF) and The Screen Patti (TSP). Later, I worked on a feature film called "The White Flame." As I was finishing up the film, the pandemic hit, and the world came to a standstill. It was then I decided that it was time to take a big leap, and I joined the New York Film Academy (NYFA) and came to America. I am in Los Angeles, where I studied everything about films, pursuing an MA in Film and Media Production. This is where I understood my calling for working with light. I primarily work as a gaffer and key grip in the industry and constantly try to keep making new and elaborate lighting setups for unique and breathtaking visuals.

What's the role of a Gaffer? How tough is it to enter into this industry?

As a gaffer and key grip, it is my inherent job to observe the natural world and try to replicate those same conditions on the screen. This is something that I learned from various other experienced Gaffers and Key Grips. The fact that I got the opportunity very early on in my career to connect and interact with people with immense experience and knowledge really shaped me into who I am today. In that sense, I would like to totally agree that the internet and social media have been a boon for me and are instrumental for today's new generation of filmmakers to learn and start in this industry. In my opinion, if someone really wants to enter the industry, the best thing they can do is to talk to people, ask questions and try to be on set more and more, as that is something that will really help them in terms of actually learning the craft. It is all about being creative and thinking out of the box. There will be many challenges on set, but working around those challenges and managing to get the day is one of the best feelings ever.

Can you share some of your learnings and experiences in the Hollywood and Bollywood industries? Which industry is better?

Working in the industry with various industry professionals and experts, I have a very nonbiased and clear look at the industry. I feel like Hollywood is a very welcoming and softhearted industry. People are really nice and supportive, and not once have I faced any issues due to being an outsider to this country and the industry. I have been constantly enjoying my time here, and I feel Hollywood aims to break boundaries with each new step they take.

I feel the same could be said about the Indian film industry as well. For the two years that I have been away from my homeland, I have seen a very significant growth in our industry. I feel our Indian cinema has been working day and night to present the viewers with something new and fresh. I feel in the coming days, we will see a completely new and transformed Indian cinema that will have completely broken the shackles of regions and will emerge as one Indian Cinema. I know it will happen, and I cannot be more excited about anything else.

Are you currently working on a project/movie which is about to release?

I am about to start a project in October for which the prep is going on right now. This is a very exciting project for me as I have always been fascinated by the armed forces, and this project is based on an army veteran. I am not allowed to say more than this at this moment, but I really hope once this project releases, people will appreciate it.

Who is your source of inspiration?

For someone like me who comes from a middle-class family, this dream of Hollywood is very big. Back in the day, even though they wanted it and were talented enough to achieve it, my parents could not work towards it. But rather than being sad or demotivated, they chose to put in all their hard work, hopes, and desires to fulfill my dreams. They paved a path for me that they couldn't take, and now it is only because of them that I am doing all these big projects and living my dream life. So, in my opinion, there is no bigger inspiration in life other than my parents. My success belongs to them.


How do you motivate yourself? Is your family supportive?

I feel what keeps me going is my past. I keep reminding myself that my success is never complete without the struggles and sacrifices of my parents and family. My parents happily struggled so that I could go ahead and excel. If not for my parents and their support, being here in the heart of Hollywood would just be that, a distant dream. They struggled so that my brother and I could lead a happy life. Parents are truly magical beings, and the love, support, and appreciation I receive from my parents and family are nothing short of ordinary.


Where do you see yourself after 5 years?

I have given seven years of my life to cinema till now, five in India and two in the USA. I have seen myself grow from a new amateur filmmaker to professional industry personnel even though I am working with big productions right now and am looking toward my future with excitement and joy.

I think my growth has been phenomenal, and I think in the coming five to six years, I will be achieving even bigger heights. The fact that the industry is growing day by day makes me feel like it is the perfect time for anyone to start working towards their cinema dream. I see myself working on a few of the biggest movies in the coming years, all thanks to the support and encouragement that I get from the veterans of Hollywood even today. I strive towards excellence, and I am sure success is following me even as we speak.


How can one connect with you?

The best way to connect with me is through Instagram and LinkedIn: https://instagram.com/filmmaker_abhishek?igshid=MjEwN2IyYWYwYw==