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Year Ender 2023: 'Barbie' To 'Endless Borders' - 7 International Films That Won Over Indian Audiences

Check out the list of international films that won over Indian audiences this year.

International Films That Won Over Indian Audiences

Films know no borders. Below mentioned exceptional films from all over the world will take you on an exceptional journey. While there were many blockbusters that the Indian film industry gave us, there were also quite a few foreign films that sold out cinemas or were silent hits screened online or at film festivals. Each showcases a diversity in cultures, and languages, as well as storyline and thoughts. These movies truly stand out from the rest. 

Check out the list of seven movies that simply wowed Indian audiences. 


Language: English

Director: Greta Gerwig

'Barbie' has broken all records. It's made it mark by becoming the most-talked about movie this year. Popular characters Barbie and Ken have come to life and it follows the two on an exciting journey of self-discovery and self-worth. The movie dives into the societal expectation for women to prioritize others over themselves and sacrifice their happiness and well-being. It's an eye-opener to watch Barbie discover that her true path to happiness involves accepting humanity the way it is, with its complexities and imperfections.

'Flora and Son'

Language: Irish/English

Director: John Carney

Flora, a single mother residing in Dublin, faces challenges with her estranged son, Max, who is a rebellious teenage petty thief. At the suggestion of the Gardaí (police), she is determined to find a hobby for her son. To her luck, Flora takes out an old guitar from a discarded pile. With the help of an online guitar tutor, she learns that what one person throws away can be a reclamation for someone else. It truly is a beautiful masterpiece! (I personally recommend it.)


Language: English

Director: Christopher Nolan

Giving competition to 'Barbie' is 'Oppenheimer.' Centered around scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer, played by Cillian Murphy, the film doesn't shed light on his personal life. Instead, it chronicles the renowned scientist's leadership and contribution in the development of the atomic bomb in World War II. Crafted with finesse, the movie is filled with tension, intricate narratives, exceptional sound design, and visually clear-cut cinematography.

'Full River Red' 

Language: Chinese

Director: Zhang Yimou

Set in the early Southern Song dynasty, the film solves a mystery taking place in the year 1146. At Qin Hui's residence during a gathering with Jin Dynasty delegates, an unexpected murder entails. This leads to a soldier and a commander getting stuck in a sprawling conspiracy, triggered by the death of one of the Jin envoys and a confidential letter's disappearance. A group of vigilantes hold a suspected traitor accountable, wanting to end their life.

'The Childe' 

Language: Korean

Director: Park Hoon-jung

The movie follows the journey of a man born to a Korean father and a Filipino mother, determined to become a boxer. His quest to find his father leads him to Korea, where he inadvertently gets involved with the wrong set of people. Caught in a loop of unpredictability and chaos, Marco finds himself uncertain every step of the way. While in the midst of it all, he faces a startling truth that challenges everything he has ever known. 

'Endless Borders' 

Language: Persian

Director: Abbas Amini

In a border village, intricate connections and complicated relationships form as an Iranian teacher in exile unexpectedly aids a refugee Afghan family, who's trying to get away from the Taliban. The no-nonsense movie raises the question of who one should commit to: political cause, religious beliefs, or a person, and how one should negotiate or come to terms with those commitments. Throughout this minimalistic suspense thriller, there is no diversion from its narrative. 

'Fast X'

Language: English

Director: Louis Leterrier

As time ticks away and there's help from newfound allies, Dom and his family, once again, brace themselves for the biggest battle they have ever faced, this time against Dante Reyes, who is back to seek vengeance for his father's death. Vin Diesel, the lead star in the franchise from the very first movie has revealed plans for a sequel to 'Fast X,' expected to hit screens in 2025.

If you're one of those people who hasn't seen the above movies, then you're truly missing out on pure cinema. Many of them can be found on various OTT platforms.