Thursday, Jul 07, 2022

Sexual Assault Case Filed Against Vijay Babu

Malayalam actor Vijay Babu has been charged under sexual assault based on a complaint of a woman.

Vijay Babu
Vijay Babu Instagram/ @actor_vijaybabu

A case has been registered against Malayalam actor and producer Vijay Babu, by Kerala Police against sexual assault. According to the Hindustan Times, the Police has registered the case based on a complaint by a woman. 

The police said that the complaint was received on April 22 and it said that the woman was sexually assaulted by the actor in a flat in Kochi. The accused repeated the act more than once as per the victim. The victim also mentioned that Babu lured her in by promising her roles in movies. 

The victim is a native of Kozhikode district and the police is yet to question the actor regarding this.

Commenting on this, Babu said that he knew the woman since 2018, “She sent several messages to me saying that she was suffering from depression. I have around 400 screenshots of those messages. I haven’t sent any messages to that woman for the last one-and-a-half years.”

He even went on to say that he would not refrain from filing a defamation case against the complainant if time comes. 

According to the latest updates, Babu went live on Facebook and revealed the identity of the victim. This act in itself is a punishable law under the Indian Penal Code as the identity of victim in such cases is to be kept hidden. Babu went on to say that he is ready to face the actions taken against this.

He also called himself ‘the victim’ here. "I'm answerable only to my wife, mother, sister and friends. And I don't want this to end with a piece of small news saying, ‘Vijay Babu found not guilty’ added Babu.

Singer Chinmayi Sripada also condemned this act of the actor as she took to her Instagram stories reposted some tweets. 

Chinmayi Shripada Story
Chinmayi Sripada Story Instagram/ @chinmayisripaada

Babu is a founder of film production company called ‘Friday Film House’ and has won the Kerala State Film Award for Best Children’s Film for ‘Philips and The Monkey Pen’.