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'Queen Of Tears': Song Joong-ki Makes A Special Appearance In 'Descendants Of The Sun' Co-Star Kim Ji-won's Show

Song Joong-ki's surprise cameo in the ongoing K-Drama 'Queen of Tears' has stirred excitement among netizens.

Song Joong-ki in 'Queen of Tears' Photo: Netflix

Every passing day, the ongoing K-Drama ‘Queen of Tears’ continues to astonish viewers with its unexpected twists and turns. In the latest episode aired on March 31, a special appearance by a well-known actor captivated audiences, causing frenzy on the internet.

The show delighted fans by bringing back the iconic character Vincenzo Cassano, leaving fans jumping out of their seats. In the eighth episode of the drama starring Kim Soo-hyun and Kim Ji-won, audiences were pleasantly surprised to see popular actor Song Joong-ki. While it was known that he would be making an appearance on his ‘Descendants of the Sun’ co-star Kim Ji-won’s show, what took fans by surprise was his appearance as the iconic character.

In the eighth episode of the show, the mafia lawyer Vincenzo Cassano made a surprise entrance into the lives of the main characters. As the couple experienced turmoil, Song Joong-ki reprised his iconic lawyer character from the 2021 K-drama to take over their divorce case. This unexpected crossover was made possible only because of Kim Hee-won, who had previously worked on ‘Vincenzo’ and is now co-directing ‘Queen of Tears.’

Seeing this, netizens couldn’t contain their excitement and flooded the internet with his stills, and his entry scene.

After filming his cameo, Song Joong-ki had stated, “I came in the hopes of giving strength to the drama, but instead, I think I’m the one who had more fun during filming. Please look forward to [my special appearance in] ‘Queen of Tears.’”

Netizens took to the comment section to express their excitement. One user wrote, “Song Joong Ki looks the same way he did when I watched Vincenzo.” Another user wrote, “Vincenzo BGM!! I am having goosebumps.” A third one commented, “All three of them in one frame now please.” One more said, “5 minutes of screen time and we were glued.”

The production team of the tvN drama even commented, “We’re grateful to actor Song Joong-ki, who readily made time to come here in spite of his busy schedule. The set was filled with awe at the charms of actor Song Joong-ki, who has an aura that dominates his entire surroundings even during a brief appearance. He will leave a deep impression [on viewers] through a role that will exceed everyone’s expectations.”

The actor's brief cameo sent the show’s ratings soaring to unprecedented heights, achieving its highest-ever viewership record. ‘Queen of Tears’ is available to stream on Netflix, with new episodes airing Saturday and Sunday. The show began streaming on March 9 and will air its final episode on April 28.