Friday, Jul 01, 2022

Mukul Chadda To Represent India For Poker World Nations Cup

Actor Mukul Chadda is a part of the Indian team that will enter the IFMP World Nations Cup for Match Poker this year.

Mukul Chadda
Mukul Chadda Instagram/ @mukulchadda

Actor Mukul Chadda, who was seen as Jagdeep Chadda in the Indian adaptation of ‘The Office’, has been selected to be a part of the Indian team for the IFMP World Nations Cup for Match Poker. It will be held in the Macedonian town of Gevgelija. 

Chadda shared the news of social media. He added a few pictures of himself with the team wearing their Indian jerseys.

According to latestly, the actor said, "I have always loved the game of poker. I used to play it semi-professionally at one time- even finishing as the IPS (Indian Poker Series) player of the Year in 2011 for their series tournaments in Goa.” Match Poker is a new format variant of the popular Texas Hold’em game. The team sport requires a lot of team-thinking and strategy. 


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The actor further said, “I was excited to be a part of Jagdeep Singh’s Haryana Hawks team when they won the Match Indian Poker League in 2019. And when he asked me to once again help with strategy and be a part of the India team for the World Nations Cup, it was a too-good-to miss opportunity. Can’t describe what it feels like to wear the India jersey.” 

Chadda was last seen in ‘Sherni’ along side actress Vidya Balan. The actor will soon begin the shoot of the next season of popular series ‘Sunflower’ with Sunil Grover.