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Millie Bobby Brown’s Oops Moment Will Leave You Gasping - Watch Video

Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi got engaged underwater as both of them are big fans of diving. However, what happened during the proposal was something that no one had ever anticipated. Check out the entire story and you’ll be left going oh my god!

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Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi got engaged a few weeks back and their engagement became the talk of town. The two of them have been giving relationship goals always, and their engagement has just gotten all their fans even more pumped up. But did you know that Millie Bobby Brown almost lost her engagement ring underwater which Jake Bongiovi gave her?

Yes, you read that right. The OMG moment was narrated by Millie Bobby Brown recently when she was on Jimmy Fallon’s show. The oops moment was narrated in perfect detail by the actress on the show and you will be left gasping for breath by the end of it.

Recalling the incident, Millie Bobby Brown said that she and Jake Bongiovi both bonded over their mutual love for diving, and when the right time came, he decided to pop the question during a dive. “So, we go under, and we’re like many meters down. And he gives me a shell, and I turn it over, and it’s a ring. And I looked at him and he was like bllllll,” she said, imitating Jake Bongiovi’s muffled speech underwater.

“Anyways, he puts the ring on my hand, and as I go to show him, the ring falls off my finger, plummets so fast it was like a cinematic movie. Jake threw himself into the… like, so deep. The diver was like ‘You can’t do that, your ears. Literally, your brain will explode.’ He does a cinematic grab, and he saved the ring. And I truly feel like it’s a reflection of who he is, and we’re always going to have each other’s back, and if anyone drops the ball, we got it,” narrated Millie Bobby Brown.

However, this wasn’t the end of the story. There was another twist waiting for ‘The Stranger Things’ star when they came back to the shore. Jake Bongiovi told her that he didn’t bring her mom’s ring, which was to be the actual ring, because mommy dearest was afraid that the ring might fall and get lost. So, Jake Bongiovi used a secondary ring, and the actual one from her mom was still safe onshore.

“‘I bought you this ring because your mom wouldn’t let me take her ring,’ which is the one I’m wearing, this is her ring. My Mom was like ‘Absolutely not Jake, you’re not taking my ring down there, I know you’ll drop it.’ And sure enough, I did,” explained Millie Bobby Brown. Well, it surely goes on to show how well mom knew the two of them. She was so confident that at least one of them would screw it up and her ring would end up at the bottom of the sea.

Check out the full video right here:

For the unversed, Jake Bongiovi and Millie Bobby Brown were really good friends before they started dating in 2021. They made their relationship public on Instagram around that time. It was only a few months back that fans started noticing that Millie Bobby Brown was wearing a ring and it seemed like they were engaged, and sure enough they were. The couple soon opened up about the same to their fans.