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Meet The Quirky Dholakia’s From Amazon Prime Video’s ‘Happy Family: Conditions Apply’

As ‘Happy Family: Conditions Apply’ is set to release on Amazon Prime Video, here’s taking you through the quirky characters of the show. The Dholakias are here to entertain you with their daily dose of family drama. Check it out.


A Still From 'Happy Family Conditions Apply'

Happy Family: Conditions Apply’ is all set to release this Friday. The show promises to be a hilarious family drama, woven around a close-knit dysfunctional Gujarati family. With four generations living under one roof, the family is bound to have many ups and downs, often leading to comical events. The series promises unlimited laughter with a touch of drama and emotions. Strong as an anchor during tough days, the family will not fail to amuse you when the days are light.

The series has a stellar star cast comprising Raj Babbar, Ratna Pathak Shah, Atul Kulkarni, Ayesha Jhulka, Raunaq Kamdar, Meenal Sahu, Atul Kumar, and Sanah Kapur. As we are all set to enter the Happy Family Universe, let's meet the four generations of the Dholakia family and know them a little more:


Dadaji aka Mansukhlal Dholakia

Raj Babbar plays the funny yet witty Bade Dadu who is always ready to pull his wife's leg whenever the opportunity arises. He expresses his love for his family through sarcastic humour, but when it comes to taking any tough decisions or bringing his family together, he knows exactly what stance he needs to take. Raj Babbar as Mansukhlal is a dependable Dadu who is always willing to help everyone.

Baa aka Hemlata Dholakia

Hemalata Dholakia is played by the very talented Ratna Pathak Shah who is not your typical Baa. She's cool in her own way, wears her heart on her sleeve, drinks alcohol in a steel nu glass, and is always ready to reply with a sassy remark. Is it sarcasm running in her veins or blood…one will never know. But when it comes to her family, she's also incredibly protective of all of them. Her extremely entertaining self is both relatable and witty.


Beta aka Ramesh Dholakia

Atul Kulkarni who portrays the responsible Beta of Mansukhlal and Hemlata Dholakia is always looking out for everyone's best interests. He is not only a kind soul but also a romantic partner who doesn't shy away from some aww-dorable PDA. His odd yet quirky ways of coming up with solutions to various challenges that his crazy parivar puts him through, makes his character relatable.

Bahu aka Pallavi Dholakia

Dholkia, the sensible and sober Bahu of this parivar, is played by Ayesha Jhulka. She holds the reins, keeps everyone in line, while exhibiting a variety of unique sides of herself. A quintessential bahu, Pallavi is the glue that holds the family together. Also, do not miss her cute obsession with taking selfies that makes her character unique.

Grand-Beta aka Sanjaoy Dholakia

Raunaq Kamdar aka Sanjaoy Dholakia (do not miss that O in the name!), is a modern dad. Even though he has been born and brought up in a joint family, he wishes to live with his wife and son separately. In fact, he has been harbouring this dream for quite some time. While Sanjay, we mean, Sanjaoy (with an o) is a simple man with just one dream, he is also a man with secrets. Tune in to know more.

Grand-Bahu aka Tisca Dholakia

Meenal Sahu, who portrays Tisca, is the grand bahu of a dysfunctional joint family that spans four generations. She is realistic, lucid, and goal-oriented. Her desire to leave this crazy joint family is as obvious as her husband's. She has a lot to offer to this family as a grand-daughter-in-law, a career-oriented woman wanting to build herself and a new age mother who wants the best for her child but also sometimes thinks that it isn't enough.


Grand-Beti aka Ayushi Dholakia

In every family, there is this one person who you can wholeheartedly trust. For this family, it is none other than Ayushi Dholakia played by Sanah Kapur. She is cute, bubbly, always there for everyone, and “The Gen Z” who is quite open about things that are often considered taboo in this age and time as well.

After getting to know the complete Dholakia family which features a lot of family drama, love and loyalty with an insight into how a new age joint family lives together, get ready to enjoy this vibrant show with your own families. ‘Happy Family: Conditions Apply’ is directed by Aatish Kapadia and JD Majethia and releases on Amazon Prime Video.