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Malayalam Playback Singer Edava Basheer Dead

Malayalam playback singer Edava Basheer, died on Saturday after collapsing during a live performance in Alleppey.

Edava Basheer

Malayalam playback singer Edava Basheer, died on Saturday night while playing live on stage at a ceremony in Kerala. He was 78 years old at the time. Basheer was a special guest at an event at Alleppey's Pathirappally to commemorate the 50th anniversary of popular music group Bhima's Blue Diamond Orchestra. Basheer was a founding member of the group and was asked to participate in the celebrations. 

Basheer was performing the Hindi song 'Mano Ho Thum,' and towards the end of the song, he fainted on the stage. He was taken to a neighbouring hospital, where he was declared dead, according to a report by The Indian Express.

Basheer has had a long and famous career on the stage. He is credited with being one of the first people in Kerala to popularise the gumamela tradition. He founded the Kollam Sangeethalaya Ganamela troupe in 1972 after being a member of many orchestra troupes. He had continued to sing at many festivals and events.

Basheer had also sung a few songs for Malayalam films in the mainstream. In director Adoor Bhasi's 1978 film ‘Raghuvamshami’, he made his cinema debut by singing ‘Veena Vaayikkum.' He was also known for singing the song ‘Azhithira Malakal Azhalinte Malakal’ in the movie ‘Mukkuvane Snehicha Bhootham’ alongside singer Vani Jayaram. But it was his stage performances that made him a popular name among Malayalis all over the world.

Basheer has a classical music background. He played at temple festivals on a regular basis, and he and his music troupes toured the world doing live concerts. 

Basheer is survived by his four children, Ullas, Beema, Umesh, and Ushus Seetta, as well as his spouses Rasheeda and Rehna. On Sunday, his funeral was held at Kadappakada Juma Masjid Kabarishthan.

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