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Folk Dance

Launda Naach: Why The Popular Folk Art In Bihar Stares At An Uncertain Future

A look at the world of Bihar’s popular folk dance form—in which men dress as women and different animals—as its most prominent exponent Ramchandra Manjhi passes away

23 September 2022

Who Is Manjamma Jogathi, The Transgender Dancer Who Received Padma Shri

Manjamma’s journey started as a street beggar. She was sexually abused and was on the verge of suicide. From there, she emerged as a dancer.

10 November 2021

Noted Odissi Dancer Laxmipriya Mohapatra Passes Away

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has announced a state funeral for Laxmipriya Mohapatra at Swargadwar in Puri.

21 March 2021

Chaturangam — The World of Dance and Chess

Chaturangam — The World Of Dance And Chess

Amongst various oeuvres celebrating the 44th FIDE Chess Olympiad in Chennai a dance video titled ‘Chaturangam — A Dance Depiction’ wins every heart.

04 August 2022

Odisha District Ropes In Folk Artists To Dispel Covid Vaccination Hesitancy Among People

Folk dance groups, with limited artists, stage their performances in villages across the district raising awareness among the people and appealing to them to follow Covid-appropriate behaviour.

08 August 2021

Watch: Bhangra Group Adds Desi Touch To Irish Music On St Patrick’s Day

The viral video garnered over 5 lakh views, as several people on the internet lauded the dancers for mixing the two cultures.

20 March 2021

Representative image of Holi celebrations in USA

Holi 2022 Celebrations: Puppet Show On Lord Krishna, Indian Dance Workshops In New York

Holi events in New York will not just celebrate the festival but also teach about Indian culture and will feature a puppet show, art activities and an Indian dance workshop and performance.

17 March 2022


Delhi's Most-Wanted Criminal Killed Haryana Folk Singer Harshita Dahiya, Didn't Take Money For Murder: Police

Harshita was shot dead in Chamrara village of Panipat by four men, led by Gogi on October 17

02 November 2017

28 October 2017
Secrets Behind Six Decades of Broad and Vibrant On-Stage Embellishments

Secrets Behind Six Decades of Broad and Vibrant On-Stage Embellishments

If it’s easy to hail an artiste for his all-roundish skills, it may be even more interesting to locate the reasons behind them. An overview of top Kathakali...