Friday, Oct 07, 2022

Dynastic Politics

Anurag Thakur—a dynast—is seen as a prospective CM face if BJP decides to send him back to the state

Hill Dynasties: BJP And Congress Pin Hopes On Dynast Politicians In Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh

Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh have several political dynasties across party lines, with young dynasts emerging as contenders for their parties' future leadership.

06 September 2022

Dynasty, Larger Than Life Netas Deny Second Rung Politicians A Spot In The Sun

Dynasty-driven political parties in India have habitually shunned second rung leaders outside the family. Parties driven by individual personality and charisma too have stymied the growth of younger leaders, often at the...

Sangma, Khandu, Gogoi, Gamlin...: Dynastic Clouds Loom Over The Seven Sisters

Young leaders jump ship regularly, as every party tries to keep it in the family

Surviving dynastic politics in India

Blood Thicker Than Politics? Shadow Of Dynasty Still Shrouds Future Of Young Indian Leaders

Do second-rung leaders, outside the realm of dynasty, really stand a chance in Indian politics today?

01 September 2022

After Mamata Banerjee Who? Whatever Happened To West Bengal CM's 50-Year Succession Plan!

TMC chief Mamata Banerjee has always kept a set of leaders in her immediate next rank without allowing anyone to grow out of control

Disciplined: Supporters marching to a CPI(M) mass meeting in Kolkata in 2021

Communist Parties In India: No 'Family Business' Please, We Are All Comrades!

Despite leading organisations for over two decades, leaders of Communist parties develop no right over the party. In fact, even general secretaries have been restrained, demoted and expelled.

09 September 2022

Revamp Of Congress: Despite Desertion And Dissent, Party Workers Want Gandhis On The Top

Only time will tell if Congress, the Grand Old Party, can tackle its leadership crisis and rejuvenate ideologically, but young cadres suggest the Gandhi family remains relevant

12 September 2022


Next 30-40 Years To Be Era Of BJP: Amit Shat At Party's National Executive Meet

Amit Shah said dynastic politics, casteism and politics of appeasement were the greatest sins and the reason behind the country's sufferings over the years.

03 July 2022

03 June 2022
I'm In Favor Of strong Opposition, People Misunderstand My Views On Dynastic Politics: Modi

I'm In Favor Of strong Opposition, People Misunderstand My Views On Dynastic Politics: Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while addressing an event in Kanpur Dehat district, presented his ideas on 'Pariwarvad' or dynastic politics. He claimed that he...