Nazmul Hasan To Step Down As Bangladesh Cricket Board President, Takes Up Ministry Role After Elections Victory

At the helm since 2012, incumbent Bangladesh Cricket Board president Najmul Hasan won from Kishoreganj-6 constituency in the January 7 polls. He will take charge of the ministry of youth and sports


Bangladesh Cricket Board president Nazmul Hasan.

Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) is set to have a new president after the incumbent Nazmul Hasan was entrusted with the responsibility of the Ministry of Youth and Sports following his win in the general elections. (More Cricket News)

Hasan, who has been at the helm of BCB since 2012, won from Kishoreganj-6 constituency in the January 7 polls and four days later he replaced Zahid Ahsan Russel in the ministry and he's likely to step down from his present post.

“There are no problems in the law about me holding both posts (BCB president and Minister of Youth and Sports),” Nazmul told reporters.  


“There is no relationship between getting ministry and leaving from the post of BCB because earlier there were several ministers who also fulfilled the roles. It is also there abroad and so that is not the issue.”

“But it would be good if that is not the case (holding both the posts) because then there might be speculations of me prioritizing cricket. I want to prioritize everything (being the Minister of Sports),” he added. 

BCB's elections are due only in October, 2025 and an existing member of the governing body may take charge on interim basis in case Nazmul quits.


“Those that are directors now (in BCB), one has to be chosen from among them. There is no opportunity for someone to come from outside,” he said.