Legends Cricket Trophy 2024: Yuvraj Singh Fondly Cherishes Memories With 'Old Pals'

New York Superstar Strikers captain Yuvraj Singh said every moment spent with fellow players in the Legends Cricket Trophy 2024 was a celebration of their "shared passion". The World Cup-winning former India cricketer led the Strikers to the final, where they lost to Rajasthan Kings

Legends Cricket Trophy
Yuvraj Singh (right) captained New York Superstar Strikers in Legends Cricket Trophy 2024. Photo: Legends Cricket Trophy

The New York Superstar Strikers ended Legends Cricket Trophy 2024 as runners-up, but not before putting up a string of commanding performances. The Strikers faced and overcame strong opponents like the Dubai Giants, Delhi Devils and Rajasthan Kings, before going down to the Kings in the final. (More Cricket News)

World Cup-winning former India cricketer Yuvraj Singh highlighted the essence of what he and his colleagues will take away from the competition, besides the runs and wickets.

"In cricket, every moment spent with old cricketing pals and retired legends is a celebration of our shared passion. It's not just about the runs scored or the wickets taken; it's about the stories exchanged, the laughter shared and the bonds forged over years of competing on the field and celebrating our beloved sport," Yuvraj said.

As the Legends Cricket Trophy culminated, the southpaw expressed gratitude for the opportunity to reconnect with fellow cricketers and revel in the joy of the sport they all hold dear. "I cherish every moment spent with my fellow players, both past and present," he said. "In the end, it's the memories we create together that define our journey in cricket and leave a lasting legacy for future generations to cherish."

New York Superstar Strikers owner Sagar Khanna pointed out that the franchise's expansion into the Lanka Premier League, Abu Dhabi T10 and Lanka T10 indicates its growth trajectory.

"Our expansion into these esteemed leagues signifies not only the growth of our franchise but also our unwavering commitment to excellence on a global scale. We are thrilled to broaden our presence and compete at the highest level, showcasing the talent and determination of the New York Superstar Strikers," he added.

“As you prepare to travel back, I wish each and every one of you a safe journey. I stand in awe of your dedication and resilience, and I am eagerly looking forward to continuing this journey of excellence with all of you," Sagar said to the players.

Highlights of the Strikers' season include Chadwick Walton's century, complemented by a strong bowling display which propelled them to a massive 143-run victory against the Colombo Lions. Yuvraj too played his part, and will look to do more of the same next season - perhaps even lift the trophy.