Sleepwell Mattress Review and Prices

Sleepwell mattress is perhaps the most recognized name among Indian mattress brands. Should you buy it just because it is famous? We purchased several Sleepwell mattresses and analyzed different aspects, including the company's prices, policies and profitability. Read on for the most in-depth consumer research about the brand including actual images from our testing lab.

Sleepwell mattress review

Sleepwell mattress boasts some of the top-selling sleep products. But is Sleepwell one of the best mattresses in the Indian market? To answer this question, we tested and analyzed the best sellers of the Sleepwell brand. In addition, to make the review comprehensive, we compare Sleepwell mattresses with some of the most trusted brands in the market such as Sunday mattresses.

Unlike other review blogs, we purchase these mattresses and use them, and you can also see the real pictures in different places.

In addition to reviewing the product, we also reviewed the policies of Sleepwell mattresses and compared their prices. Importantly we assessed the brand's profitability so that your investment is safe.

Author: Ujjwala Radhakrishnan is passionate about home décor. She evaluates and writes about bedroom products – mostly mattresses and bedding. She reviews a few dozen products every year.

Testing Method: Our sleep experts tested each mattress for 15 days. They provide feedback on six parameters - features, sleep comfort, material quality, and back support. We also assess the affordability and services provided by the companies. We also look for profitable companies so that your money is safe. We included actual pictures from our lab.

  • Sleepwell Mattress: It is one of the oldest and most prominent brands. If you are looking for a safe bet, you should consider their products.
  • Sunday Mattress: In just about a decade, the Sunday mattress has risen to be considered the gold standard for quality and orthopaedic support. Prices are almost 30% cheaper, and it offers 100 nights trial on its products. However, they are sold primarily online. Their post purchase service is considered the best in class.
  • Kurlon Mattress: Kurlon and Sleepwell are the two brands that every Indian would be aware of. The best brand for coir mattresses.
  • Peps Mattress: It is known for its spring mattresses. It has a solid presence in South India.
  • Wakefit Mattress: It is popular on the internet for its viral videos and cheap mattress that come in a box. If you are looking for a cheap and temporary bed, you should consider Wakefit.

Topics covered

  • Mattress Testing Methodology

  • Sleepwell vs Other Mattress - A Summary

  • Sleepwell Mattress - Detailed Review

  • Sleepwell vs Competitors

  • Sleepwell Policies

  • FAQs about Sleepwell Mattress

Mattress Testing Methodology

Unlike other blogs, we purchase and sleep on several mattresses. From a lot of beds, we pick the best to present here. The article is written based on 1st hand experience of using the products. In addition, we also conduct research to check for certifications, read online reviews about the product and look for the company's financial stability.

Testing Parameters

  • Features: Adequate Support, Pressure Relief, Core Strength, Thickness, Size
  • Sleep Comfort: Spine Alignment, Back and Joint Support, Comfort to the body, Motion Isolation, Air Circulation
  • Material Quality: Quality of Foam and Fabric, Certifications, and Natural Materials.
  • Long Life: Compression might lead to foam damage. Uncompressed beds have a longer life and are more durable.
  • Affordability: Price of the mattress against available features in the product
  • Services: User-friendly Website, Returns & Refunds, Warranty Period & Terms

Expert Tip: There is no point in buying a bed with a 10-year warranty from a loss-making company. Be smart and choose mattresses from a profitable company. Brands such as Sunday mattress (the only online brand that is profit-making) and Sleepwell are reliable as they are profitable.

Sleepwell vs Other Mattress Brands - A Summary

The Indian mattress market is saturated with many old and new companies. With bed-in-box mattresses becoming increasingly popular, these numbers have only gone up. Out of tens of manufacturers, we have considered these five mattress brands consistently delivering value to their users.

Sleepwell vs Other Mattress Brands

Best Overall Mattress - Sunday Mattress

It gives the quality of offline brands such as Sleepwell and Kurlon at a price (up to 30% cheaper) and convenience (100 nights trial) of an online brand. In addition, it is a large online brand that is profitable. So, your money is safe. The customer ratings are excellent.

Most Credible Competition in the Offline Space - Kurlon

Kurlon is an established player, and it introduced rubberized coir mattresses in the Indian market. Like Sleepwell, it also sells mainly through retail stores, and we now see it foraying into the online selling space.

Cheapest Internet Brand – Wakefit

Wakefit is known for inexpensive memory foam mattresses and sells bed-in-box mattresses through online channels. If you are looking for a very cheap and compressed product (we do not recommend compressed mattresses because their life is short), then Wakefit is perfect. However, the company has been under losses for several years and is heavily dependent on venture capital funding.

Sleepwell Mattresses - Detailed Analysis & Review

With over five decades of being in the market, Sleepwell is one of the trusted mattress manufacturers. Apart from mattresses, it sells bed furnishing items such as bed sheets, pillows, and cushions. The strength of Sleepwell is also mainly due to its extensive dealer network, and it has more than 4000 exclusive retail outlets. Thus, it can reach consumers through its retail strength.


Sheela Foams owns the Sleepwell brand, which is known for robust policies and strong management. It is one of the few mattress manufacturers that are profitable yearly. Recently, they have expanded by entering markets in Spain and Australia.

When should you consider Sleepwell?

In a word, it is a safe choice. It has been around for 40-50 years. With a price range from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 1.8 lakhs, it accommodates a broad spectrum of buyers. The company continuously innovations to bring new models to the market. The strength of the brand lies in the depth of its physical presence through stores. It is known for its quality PU foam mattresses and has maintained high standards in its products and services.


Expert Tip: Whether you are buying a mattress online or offline, avoid buying a mattress that is compressed. Compressing a mattress reduces the life of the mattress by 30%. You will not realize it on day 1, but by the time you realize it would be too late to return.

Why should you not consider Sleepwell?

We think the sheer number of mattress variants dilutes the brand value since they create confusion among buyers. Constantly bringing new models creates confusion and buying hesitancy.

Sleepwell comes across as expensive since newer players like Sunday Mattress offer the same features at a significantly lesser price. The lack of a trial period puts off many new users and provides a much lower warranty period than the industry standard.


Bestsellers of Sleepwell Mattress

Out of the 23 mattress variants that Sleepwell had at our review, we tested the best three models - Spinetech, Esteem, and Naturalle.

Sleepwell Spinetech Mattress

Sleepwell Spinetech Coir Mattress (picture from the sleep lab)

What is it Made of - It is a medium-firm mattress built for spine alignment and posture support. It has five layers with HR foam for pressure relief and rebonded foam for help. There is also a quilting layer for cushioning. The top has air mesh knit fabric for an airy surface.

Mattress Specs

  • Material - Foam or Coir
  • Thickness - 6, 8, 10 inches
  • Firmness - Medium firm
  • Warranty - 5 years
  • Price - Rs. 19,253 - Rs. 66,099


Who is it for - This mattress is most likely to suit people who suffer from backaches, joint pains, and improper spinal alignment. If you are looking for an orthopaedic mattress, Spinetech should be on your list. Spinetech is also available with a pillow top surface if you want a fluffier version. SpineTech Air and SpineTech Air Luxury have integrated a more luxurious feel with contour hugging and a caressing sense.

Notes from our Tester: Sleepwell Spinetech has given particular care to making a breathable mattress. While most orthopaedic beds focus on firmness and pressure points, Sleepwell has also taken care of air circulation. I felt the best part was that I got a cushiony, plush feel on sleeping but not to the point of being very fluffy.
Although, if you have spinal injuries or want a firmer bed, then Spinetech can come across as a relatively softer mattress.


Sleepwell Orthopaedic Mattress

Sleepwell Orthopaedic Mattress (picture from the sleep lab)

What is it Made of - We found Sleepwell Ortho Pro to be one of its popular memory foam choices among users, and it has seven layers. Along with memory foam for contouring, it has HR foam for adding a bit of bounce, a layer of individual pocket springs to enhance motion isolation, and a foam wall for making edges more reinforced.

Mattress Specs

  • Material - Memory Foam, Pocket Spring
  • Thickness - 6, 8, 10 inches
  • Firmness - Medium firm
  • Warranty - 7 years
  • Price - Rs. 21,009 - Rs. 62,211

Who is it for - We found this suitable for nearly all sleepers. But you will love this mattress if you are a side sleeper or a combination sleeper. But if you sleep on your stomach, you can avoid this.


Notes from our Tester: - I felt the responsive body support that Sleepwell Orthopaedic Mattress offers. It was very comfortable to sleep on it. There was negligible partner movement, perfect for co-sleep with my kid. I also feel that it will not be well-liked by people looking for a firmer surface or people with chronic back pain.
As far as Sleepwell mattresses go, it falls in the mid-price bracket. However, memory foam mattresses are cheaply available from most online brands like Wakefit, and the heavily discounted beds attract many shoppers.


Sleepwell Naturalle Mattress

What is it Made of -Made for ultimate comfort and luxury from the house of Sleepwell, Naturalle is among the brand's most expensive mattresses. It has nine layers, including natural latex foam, rubberized coir, pocket spring, and HR foam. The top is made of European knitted fabric.

Mattress Specs

  • Material - Latex Foam, Pocket Spring
  • Thickness - 9, 10, 12 inches
  • Firmness - Medium firm
  • Warranty - 7 years
  • Price - Rs. 48,664 - Rs. 1,33,664

Who is it for - Made from natural latex foam, Naturalle caters to a wide range of people with different sleeping habits. It can also accommodate users who weigh above 100 kgs. However, it is not for budget and value seekers. Notice that the starting price of a single mattress itself is over Rs. 48,000. Sleepwell has targeted people who seek luxury and fine living.


According to a report by Harvard Health, back pain is the top reason middle-aged people experience reduced mobility.

Notes from our Tester: If budget is not a worry for you and you are looking for a mattress that addresses almost all your sleep issues, Sleepwell Naturalle is a good bet. It takes care of pressure relief at pain points. I felt the bed is quite breathable since and does not let heat retain inside the mattress. Moreover, it looks sturdy, and I am sure it will last many years. I think the bed enhances the look of the bedroom.


Most suitable mattress firmness

Sleepwell vs Competitors

Sleepwell vs Sunday Mattress

Sunday Mattress has a competitive advantage over Sleepwell and other mattress makers because its best-in-class products are sold at a genuinely affordable price, despite not getting in the discount game.

What We Like

  • Sunday makes only three variants in a cluttered market, preventing decision-making fatigue among new buyers.
  • It has priced its mattresses from approx. Rs. 7,000 to Rs. 49,000. We found them the most affordable prices for the features and quality provided.
  • It uses the best quality and certified natural materials in its products.
  • It does not compress any of its mattresses. Hence, its products do not go through the associated damages.
  • A 100-night trial period with full refunds on return.
  • Ten years warranty, which is one of the highest in the industry.


What We Don't Like

  • It does not offer discounts, and this might deter buyers who are value seekers.
  • It only sells through its website and is not on other shopping portals like Amazon or Flipkart. So, many buyers are not even aware of the brand itself.
  • Sunday Mattress is also not available in physical stores. This makes its presence limited.

Sunday Ortho Memory Mattress

Sunday Ortho Memory targets users who suffer from back and joint pains. It has 1 inch of 65 D memory foam and 5 inches of 32D HR foam for support. With a slightly higher firmness of 7, we feel it will be preferred by sleepers suffering from chronic back pain.


Its queen-size mattress, priced at Rs. 13,999, will appeal to those looking for an orthopaedic memory foam mattress on a pocket-friendly budget.

Notes from our Tester: I call the Sunday Ortho Memory mattress a fantastic find because it provides ample support and spinal alignment at an unbelievable price. I suffer from chronic backache, and surprisingly there was much less pain on waking up than I expected.

Sunday Ortho Latex Mattress

Sunday Ortho Latex Mattress (picture from the sleep lab)


Sunday Ortho Latex is power-packed and excellent for co-sleeping with a partner or a kid. It is made with 2 inches of 65D latex foam, 1 inch of 55D memory foam and 5 inches of 32D HR foam. Available only in 8 inches, its queen-size variant is available at Rs. 22,999. It scores above Sleepwell on price, warranty, and use of natural products such as latex foam and organic cotton cover.

Notes from our Tester: I was attracted by the prospect of testing an eco-friendly orthopaedic mattress. I experienced a very comfortable sleep. The softness combines with a bit of bounce. It was well-balanced in providing support to the spine and back, and I was happy with it.


Sunday Latex Plus Mattress

Sunday Latex Plus Mattress (picture from the sleep lab)

Sunday Latex is a full latex mattress that uses certified Latex from Belgium and organic cotton. It has 2 inches of 65 D latex foam on top and 6 inches of 70D latex foam at the bottom. With its 5 zone ortho design, it is aimed at new-age customers looking at products that are superior in quality and five-star hotel quality comfort but also do not feel overpriced. No wonder its users love this mattress since you can get a queen-sized one at only Rs. 39,999.

Notes from our Tester: The company claims that Sunday Latex Plus provides the luxurious comfort same as sleeping in a 5-star hotel bed. And it is not wrong. I felt like sleeping on a super-premium bed with luxurious comfort and ample support, and I rested upon waking up.


What We Say

All three testers loved their Sunday mattresses and had positive experiences while sleeping. We recommend Sunday as quickly the best bet among mattresses for Indian sleepers. The quality of its beds can be determined by the fact that it has thousands of 5-star ratings and excellent reviews from its users.

However, the Indian consumer is also a value seeker, and the lack of deals and discounts might prevent some users from keeping Sunday on their shortlist. Our analysis shows that Sleepwell gains over Sunday Mattress because of its extensive retail reach and stellar brand reputation.

Sleepwell vs Kurlon


Kurlon is another established player. Banking on a wide range of mattress models, it currently has 11 models. Apart from mattresses, it also sells pillows and mattress toppers. We tested its three beds - Sparkle, Dream Sleep, and Spine Therapy.

What We Like

  • It is a recognized name and an old brand.
  • It has an extensive retail reach.
  • Like Sleepwell, it offers a wide range of mattresses for all buyers.

What We Don't Like

  • The mattress variants are not sharply differentiated, leading to much confusion among shoppers.
  • The mattresses are expensive compared to brands like Sunday for similar features.
  • We found the lower-priced mattresses as very basic with minimum features.
  • Kurlon also does not offer any trial period like Sunday.


Kurlon Inspire Mattress

Kurlon Inspire Mattress (picture from the sleep lab)

Kurlon Inspire Mattress is a basic mattress aimed at people who want to buy a cheap but branded mattress. It is a medium firm foam mattress with two years of warranty and comes in 4 and 5-inch thicknesses. The queen-size bed is priced at Rs. 13,499.

Notes from our Tester: It is a basic mattress. While it gives adequate support, I will rate it as more of an improvement over the unbranded beds available. If you are looking for a foam mattress as a student or to put inexpensive mattresses in the guest room, this would be a good pick.


Kurlon Dream Sleep Mattress

Kurlon Dream Sleep is a spring mattress with five layers and comes in 6 inches of thickness. Quilting on both sides lends to its durability. The core is made of Bonnell spring which is then layered with Thermobond felt and PU foam on both sides. The overall average in performance, its queen-size mattress is available for Rs. 18,899.

Notes from our Tester: I am a side sleeper who likes lying on the edges, and this mattress took care of that aspect since the sides are reinforced. It is breathable, but a hot sleeper will still be uncomfortable, and I would not like to use it for the long term.


Kurlon Spine Therapy Mattress

Kurlon Spine Therapy Mattress is best suited for users with back and spine issues. It is built with memory foam on top and high-density foam at the core for firm support. Offering seven years of warranty, it is made only in 6 inches of thickness.

Notes from our Tester: It is an excellent mattress if you suffer from spinal or back issues, and I found the soft top and sturdy core combination quite lovely. It had sound motion isolation absorb motion, and co-sleeping with a restless partner was not an issue. I rate it above average.


What We Say

Kurlon and Sleepwell are both established mattress companies, and they both have a vast retail presence and are available in many cities across India. Although, we could see that Kurlon has lower brand value for consumers when compared to Sleepwell.

If you are a buyer that likes to see and touch your mattress physically, we feel Kurlon is a trustworthy competitor to Sleepwell. It has still not gained much foothold in the online space, as its mattresses are expensive compared to other makers like Wakefit and Sunday.

Sleepwell vs Peps

Peps is one of the top-selling spring-based mattresses in the Indian market. It is known for high-quality spring mattresses. But it is present mainly in South India. We included the three beds in the sleep test: Spring Koil, Spine Guard, and Organica.


What We Like

  • Peps is known for good quality spring mattresses.
  • It also has extensive retail reach in South India.

What We Don't Like

  • We found a lack of any significant presence in other parts of India.
  • The mattresses seem expensive, especially with other online brands.
  • Peps also does not offer any trial period.
  • It does not offer any exchange on online sales.

Peps Spring Koil Mattress

Peps Spring Koil Mattress (picture from the sleep lab)

Peps Spring Koil Mattress is a spring mattress with an engineered spring core for firm support and flexibility. The bed is reversible and is available in varying thicknesses of 5,6,8 and 10 inches. The queen-sized variant sells at Rs. 24,880 and comes in 4 colours.


Notes from our Tester: I went for the 10 inches mattress since I wanted to experience sleeping on a thicker mattress. Spring Koil gives good support to people who weigh more than 90 kgs, and there is less movement transfer, even though it was not absent entirely. The top is soft, and the fabric used is of good quality.

Peps Spine Guard Mattress

Peps Spine Guard Mattress is a Bonnell spring orthopaedic mattress suitable for all sleeping positions. Its top layers have 100% memory foam with an innerspring core. Available in 5, 6, and 8 inches, it offers ten years of warranty. The core is made of an innerspring core with reinforced foam layers at the bottom and protective layers over it.


Notes from our Tester: It relieves aching backs and necks, and no wonder it is certified for pain relief. Although it seems suitable for all sleeping positions, I would say it is most suited for combination sleepers. I also liked the fleece fabric cover very much, and it kind of gave a velvety feel.

Peps Organica Mattress

Peps Organica is an eco-friendly mattress made of 8 inches in thickness and uses chemical-free bio cotton and eco latex. The core is made of pocketed spring unit, with reinforced layers of foam and felt at the bottom. With ten years of warranty, it is expensive and sells its queen-size mattress at Rs. 66,766.


Notes from our Tester: It is best suited for people like me prone to allergies. Since it has Latex and spring, I felt a lack of movement transfer, which is appropriate for co-sleepers. Since it is quite an expensive mattress, the lack of certifications might be a deal breaker for many users. Especially those looking for eco-friendly products don't mind paying for them.

What We Say

While doing the research, we found that Peps has stronger consumer connections in some areas than Sleepwell. However, on the downside, it is still known as a spring mattress maker, limiting the consideration set for users who want to buy foam mattresses.


In mattress-to-mattress comparison, we found Peps to be at par with Sleepwell regarding the features and construction of its products. But Peps does not possess the reach and brand reputation of Sleepwell. Overall, Sleepwell seemed to us a safer and better bet.

Sleepwell vs Wakefit

Wakefit popularized the bed-in-box mattress in India. It offers cheap memory foam mattresses for first-time users and young professionals who frequently move cities. However, it faces stiff competition from other companies like Sunday offering top quality and technologically advanced beds at comparable prices.

The main USP of Wakefit is its aggressive pricing, fast delivery, deals and discounts running throughout the year. We tested 3 of its best-selling mattresses.


What We Like

  • Wakefit has low-priced memory foam mattresses.
  • It is present on all major online e-commerce sites.
  • Like Sunday, it also offers a 100-night trial.

What We Don't Like

  • Its products are cheap but not very high in quality.
  • Other online brands like Sunday offer much better alternatives at similar prices.

Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress (picture from the sleep lab)

Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam mattress is a medium-firm mattress and can be used on both sides. The top layer is memory foam, followed by a 7-pressure zone layer to lend targeted support to the body.

Notes from our Tester: Sleeper's weight is one big thing to consider while buying it. Do not buy a 6-inch mattress if you weigh beyond 65 kgs, and you will not get the necessary support. Instead, opt for 8- or 10-inches thickness.
My partner did not find it very suitable. The edges felt a little weak in construction, affecting comfort if you like sitting at the edges of your mattress. The odour on decompressing was also a little off-putting. It stayed for a couple of days.


Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress Mattress

Wakefit Dual Comfort mattresses can be used on both sides. One side is medium firm for adequate support, while the other is medium soft for those who want soft comfort. It has two layers, one of 7 pressure zone layers and the other of high resilience foam.

Notes from our Tester: I found Dual Comfort, not more than a bare mattress, in my test. It is most suitable for people who do not want to spend much on beds or frequently move, like students or young working people.
The fact that it can be used on both sides is an added attraction, especially for its targeted buyers. I was hoping for a comfortable mattress that did not feel initially, and it got better after 3 to 4 days, but not by much.


Wakefit 7-Zone Latex Mattress

Wakefit 7-Zone Latex Mattress is a medium firm, bouncy mattress. It has three layers in its construction. The bottom is high-resilience foam with a memory foam layer, and the top layer is made of a 7-zone latex foam sheet.

Notes from our Tester: I felt the mattress to be firm but also comfortable. It is airy and breathable, suitable enough for a hot sleeper. But I would not rate this as a very impressive latex mattress. I found some bounce to the bed, and partner disturbance was limited, though not absent.
While inexpensive, I felt compromises had been made on the overall quality. There are better mattresses like Sunday Latex Plus available in the market.


What We Say

Wakefit brought excitement to the market with its mattresses only in bed-in-box variants. It was coupled with very low-priced (especially after discounts) products and attracted the population that were prime buyers of non-branded mattresses.

If we make a mattress-to-mattress comparison, Sleepwell fares much better on every factor, including features, layers used in making the mattress, and quality of materials. These two brands target very different consumers.

Sleepwell Policies

Best time to buy a new mattress

Warranty Sleep offers a limited warranty on its mattresses. You have to register your mattress to avail of the contract, which is applicable only on products purchased from an authorized store (by Sheela Foam), the company website, Amazon and Flipkart. You need to register within 30 days of purchase.


  • You will get a replacement in the 1st year for any valid complaints covered under the terms. For any upgrade, you need to pay the difference.
  • From the 2nd year onwards - the warranty settlement value will be calculated pro-rata from the invoice date. You will have to pay the differential amount if you get a replacement or an upgrade.

Returns and Exchange If there is a complaint about the things covered under warranty, you can claim a replacement or exchange. There is no return if you are unsatisfied, and modern brands such as Sunday mattress offer a total 100-night return in case you do not like the product.


Trial Period Sleepwell has no trial period if you want to change your mind. On the other hand, Sunday offers a 100-night trial and a full refund if you are unsatisfied, and Sunday also picks up the mattress from you free of cost.

Samples at home You can also request Sleepwell to see various models at home. They will send a representative to your home with small samples for you to check, and they also help to get your bed size and sleep requirements.

FAQs about Sleepwell Mattress

  1. Which is the best Sleepwell mattress?

    Spinetech, Esteem, and Naturalle are the best Sleepwell mattresses in their respective categories. Currently, Sleepwell has more than 20 mattress models sold. Since it is more available in retail stores, many older models are also available in stores.


  2. What is the price of Sleepwell?

    Each Sleepwell mattress differs depending on the model, size, and thickness. The price varies from Rs. 6,600 for an entry-level Sleepwell Ultra mattress to Rs. 1.8 lakhs for a king-size Sleepwell Nexa. You should check the website for the actual price.

  3. Which bed is best for sleeping in?

    The top 5 mattresses in India are Sleepwell, Sunday Mattress, Kurlon, Peps India, and Wakefit. You can choose a mattress as per your needs from these five brands. Your choice should consider the market (back pain, spinal alignment), bed size, firmness, sleeping positions, plushness, breathability, price, durability, and warranty.


  4. Which Sleepwell mattress is good for back pain?

    Sleepwell has seven mattress models that are designed to relieve back pain. Activa Supportech, Spinetech, and Durafirm Plus are specifically suitable for joint and back pain. These mattresses are either medium-firm or firm and provide adequate support and natural spinal alignment.

  5. Is Sleepwell a good brand?

    Sleepwell is a reputed brand known for its high-quality mattresses. It has extensive retail reach pan-India, and Sleepwell is India's best and most profitable mattress company. Sunday, Kurlon, Peps and Wakefit are other top brands for mattresses.