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How To Cancel GamStop - Guide To Remove GamStop

Unlock UK Casinos: Play Without Cancelling GamStop

How to Cancel GamStop

Have you ever wondered how to cancel GamStop and unlock your access to UK casinos again? The truth is that removing GamStop is impossible if you have an active exclusion period. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean excluded players can’t gamble at online casinos.

While the option to get off GamStop is not available, you can still play at specific online casinos. In the following lines, we’ll provide relevant data about where you can gamble. Moreover, we’ll emphasise the rules associated with cancelling GamStop and will discuss a few myths regarding the self-exclusion scheme. It’s advisable to read the full analysis, as there are several crucial factors every GamStop user should be aware of.

Options to Play Without Cancelling GamStop in the UK

Gamblers with active GamStop exclusions can’t play at UK casinos. However, gambling websites with foreign licences are not affected by the exclusion program and are fully accessible to British users. While you can’t deactivate your period, you can avoid the strict restrictions by joining any of the casinos we’ve listed in this section.

Is It Possible to Cancel GamStop Period

Is It Possible to Cancel GamStop

GamStop is the most prominent volunteering self-exclusion scheme in the UK. Users can’t cancel GamStop before their exclusion expires. The program affects all gambling operators that hold a valid UKGC licence. In other words, if you join GamStop, you will no longer have access to these platforms. As a gambler, you can select how long you want to exclude yourself — six months, one year, or five years.

Once you activate your exclusion and 24 hours pass, the option to remove GamStop will become unavailable. In other words, you won’t be able to join any UK-based online casinos, as these companies are legally obligated to cooperate with the GamStop exclusion scheme. While many new customers believe you can cancel GamStop at any time, that’s far from the truth.

Nevertheless, our practical experience shows that there’s a simple way for GamStop users to gamble: by joining non-UKGC casinos. Numerous brands don’t consider your GamStop account status. One such operator is the DonBet Casino, which is accessible to excluded British users. On the site, you can engage in any gambling activity without any issues.

Reasons to Stop Your GamStop Self-Exclusion

Reasons to Stop Your GamStop Self-Exclusion

One of the main reasons people choose to stop GamStop self-exclusion is to play at UKGC websites, which offer a variety of games and bonuses. However, since all operators with such a licence are part of GamStop’s list, playing on their platforms is impossible before the expiry of one’s exclusion.

The good news is that even though you can’t reverse GamStop, you can still gamble online. To do that, you need to access a website with a licence from a foreign jurisdiction. GamStop does not affect such casinos. The platforms we’ve recommended on this page are all suitable choices. Here are the main perks of playing on any of them:

  • All Games Available Without Cancelling GamStop: If you join any of the websites from our list, you’ll have access to hundreds, if not thousands, of top-tier gaming products. All games available on these sites are entirely fair, and British gamblers can test their luck with any of them. You won’t have to cancel your GamStop exclusion to engage in problem-free gameplay.

  • Simplest Way to Play with Active Self-Exclusion: One of the easiest ways around GamStop is by joining a non-UKGC website, such as the ones on our list. Selecting a reputable brand with a valid gambling licence from a legal jurisdiction is essential. Such operators give you the chance to gamble while still having an active self-exclusion.

  • Offer Own Self-Exclusion Program: Even though websites operating without a UKGC licence are not part of GamStop, this doesn’t mean they don’t promote responsible gambling. All brands follow an effective responsible gambling policy and provide users with various options to control their spending and activity on the website. All players also have the opportunity to exclude themselves at any time.

  • Allow to Playing Without Sharing Your ID: According to our examination, non-GamStop platforms are usually casinos without ID check, allowing gamblers to register within seconds. During sign-up, you won't need to provide any documentation, which is highly convenient as you can start playing immediately. However, operators still require customers to complete the KYC procedure when withdrawing funds for the first time.

Common Myths About Cancelling GamStop

Common Myths About Cancelling GamStop

Many gamblers are constantly on the lookout for information on how to get off GamStop while still having an active exclusion period. As aforementioned, that’s impossible. UKGC casinos become available after the end of your exclusion period. It’s important to note that you have to notify the GamStop team that you want to cancel your exclusion.

Unfortunately, many users fail to get familiar with all the specifics associated with GamStop and its regulations. We'll share relevant data about the scheme to make our review as helpful as possible. Below, you’ll learn whether or not you can cancel GamStop self-exclusion for certain websites and what to do when your exclusion period ends.

  • You Can Cancel GamStop on Specific Casino: There’s a common misconception that one can cancel GamStop to play at specific online casinos. Nonetheless, our research shows that the scheme affects all UKGC casinos, with no exceptions. This means that once you activate your exclusion, you won’t be able to play at these casinos. The only alternative is to play at gambling platforms with foreign licences like the ones we’ve listed earlier.

  • Your Self-Exclusion Stops When GamStop Period Ends: While many gamblers think that their exclusion ends with the expiration of their period, that’s not true. To deactivate your self-exclusion, you must contact the company and state that you want to cancel your exclusion. Otherwise, the team will automatically renew it. When you make your request, there will be a 24-hour cooling-off period. After that, you’ll again be able to play at UK casinos.

How to Cancel GamStop When Self-Exclusion Period Ends

As you already know, it’s impossible to stop your GamStop period before the expiration date of your exclusion. Nevertheless, this won’t deactivate your exclusion, as the only way to end it is to contact GamStop and notify them about your decision. You have to inform them that you want to cancel your GamStop self-exclusion as soon as your period ends.

If you neglect this step, a self-exclusion renewal will follow, and you won’t have the option to cancel it. In this case, your access to casinos with a UKGC licence will still be restricted. However, casinos like FreshBet Casino and the rest of the brands we’ve recommended are always open for British gamblers.

Are There Alternatives to Cancelling GamStop

The impossibility of removing GamStop is an issue for an increasing number of players. Many of them haven’t realised the consequences of activating the scheme. The good news is that there are many alternatives to casinos affected by GamStop. On our page, you can find numerous reliable brands accessible to all gamblers.

The fact that you can’t come off GamStop shouldn’t trouble you, as the non-UK casinos can be just as amusing. Reliable operators hold valid licences from foreign authorities and adhere to a number of regulations. Users with active self-exclusion periods can claim various promotions and test their luck with any of the available gaming products without any restrictions.

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