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Each planet in medical astrology can influence different aspects of your health and body. Understanding these connections can help identify which health problems you may be prone to.

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You might be thinking, "What's health got to do with astrology?" Well, here's the interesting part: Astrology is an ancient wisdom, even older than medical science. And it follows a simple but wise rule – "prevention is better than cure." You see, medical science steps in when someone already has health problems. But health astrology? Instead of waiting for health problems to arise, it gives you early warnings. So, you can take simple steps at certain ages to stay healthy and avoid significant health issues. It's like having your celestial health advisor!

Sometimes, doctors can't understand our health problems, and it might lead to the wrong treatments. Don't get surprised, but particular combinations in a birth chart can lead to such a situation. Looking at a birth chart and the planets can reveal a lot about our health. It's like a peek into our well-being. Health Astrology has been used in medicine for a long time. It can tell us about possible diseases and their cure.

Can we see health issues from the birth chart

Yes, health issues can be seen through your birth chart /details. Health astrology uses your birth details to figure this out. We look at certain houses for different health issues; different planets can indicate specific health problems. By studying your birth chart, we can even learn about particular diseases. Let's dive into which houses and planets are linked to health concerns.

Which house is seen for health

In medical astrology, mainly four houses are seen for health issues, essentially: the 2nd, 6th, 8th, and 12th. Among these, the 6th house is seen for diseases. If the planets in these houses are weak or in a bad position, it can indicate health problems. The 6th house is linked to diseases, the 8th house is seen for health to see surgery, and the 12th house is seen for health to know about hospitalization.

One can read which house is seen for health for what diseases in astrology as below. In astrology, different houses relate to various health aspects:

1st House: Head, mind, hair, skin, overall physical health, vitality

2nd House: Face, right eye, teeth, tongue, nose, voice, nails, potential issues like fever, heart, stomach, and skin

3rd House: Neck, throat, collar bones, hands, potential issues like head diseases, cuts, wounds, blood pressure, etc.

4th House: Chest, heart, lungs, blood pressure, related to hormones and certain conditions that may affect vital body parts

5th House: Upper abdomen, heart, gall bladder, intestines, linked to intelligence and overall well-being

6th House: Digestive system, kidneys, uterus, anus, often related to diseases and your health condition

7th House: Uterus, ovaries, sperm, prostate gland, potential problems such as venereal diseases, diabetes, and more

8th House: External genitalia, long-term illness, accidents, sex, and also associated with one's longevity

9th House: Knees, thighs, joints, bones, with potential issues like bone fractures, blindness, and more

10th House: Similar to the 9th house, it covers stomach pain, blindness, joint pain, bone fractures, and related health matters.

11th House: Calves, left ear, left arm, buttocks, often linked to chronic diseases in health astrology

12th House: Left eye, insomnia, mental well-being, foot health, and health issues related to hospitalization, imprisonment, and other life challenges.

One can get an idea of how will be your health in 2024. Now, let us read which planet is seen for health.

Which planet is seen for health

There is no particular planet seen for health as each planet is associated with health aspects in one way or another. But still, the three main factors/planets seen for health in astrology are the Moon, the Sun, and the ascendant in the birth chart. The health issues are seen through these three main factors in the birth chart. When these three are strong, good health is probable. But if they're weak or afflicted, health issues may arise.

Sun: It represents your immunity. If it's weak or afflicted, you might get sick often.

Moon: It reflects your mental and emotional well-being. A strong Moon helps you overcome life's challenges, which is crucial for good health.

Ascendant: This represents your personality. If it's negatively influenced, it can affect your overall health .It indicates strength of a person to combat/handle health issues.

In addition, malefic planets like Saturn, Mars, Rahu, and Ketu can cause major health problems when they affect the Sun, Moon, or Ascendant. It's also important to check the 6th house and its lord in your horoscope to discover potential medical issues.

Each planet in medical astrology can influence different aspects of your health and body. Understanding these connections can help identify which health problems you may be prone to. While reading about which planet is seen for health issues, you can read more about the relevance of astrology in health issues on health astrology.

Sun: Health issues related to the Sun can include bile problems, complexion, abdominal diseases, reduced immunity, neurological problems, eye diseases, heart conditions, bone ailments, leprosy, head problems, and more. These health concerns might be influenced by the position of the Sun in the horoscope.

Moon: Health problems associated with the Moon may involve heart and lung issues, left eye problems, insomnia, asthma, diarrhoea, anaemia, blood disorders, mental stress, kidney problems, diabetes, and more. The health issues can be seen through the Moon's position in the birth chart.


Saturn: Saturn-related health problems can include physical weakness, body pain, stomach aches, knee or foot pain, dental or skin diseases, fractures, muscle issues, paralysis, deafness, coughs, asthma, indigestion, and nervous disorders.

Rahu: Rahu is associated with brain disorders, liver problems, weakness, smallpox, stomach worms, injuries from falling, mental distress, high pain, toxic issues, animal-related injuries, leprosy, cancer, fever, brain disorders, sudden injuries, and accidents in health astrology.

Ketu: Ketu-related health concerns can include rheumatic diseases, haemorrhages, skin conditions, weakness, stagnation, body injuries, wounds, allergies, sudden illnesses, trouble, dog bites, spinal problems, joint pain, diabetes, ear issues, drowsiness, hernias, and genital diseases.


Rahu and Ketu are also responsible to give mysterious diseases / health issues which are sometimes difficult to diagnose.

Mercury: Mercury-related health issues may encompass chest problems, nerve disorders, nasal issues, fevers, itching, typhoid, madness, paralysis, epilepsy, ulcers, indigestion, oral diseases, skin conditions, hysteria, dizziness, pneumonia, peculiar fevers, jaundice, stammering, mumps, chickenpox, nerve weaknesses, tongue and teeth issues, and brain-related problems.

Mars: Mars-related health problems can involve heat-related diseases, toxic conditions, ulcers, leprosy, itching, heat rashes, blood or blood pressure issues, neck and throat diseases, urinary problems, tumours, cancer, piles, ulcers, loose motions, accidental bleeding, cuts, boils, fever, burns, and injuries.


Venus: Venus is linked to diseases of the eyes, genital issues, urinary tract conditions, venereal diseases, epilepsy, indigestion, throat problems, impotence, sexual dysfunction, endocrine gland disorders, diseases stemming from substance use, jaundice, infertility, semen-related problems, and skin ailments.

Jupiter: Health problems associated with Jupiter can encompass liver, kidney, and spleen issues, ear-related conditions, diabetes, jaundice, memory loss, tongue problems, calf diseases, marrow defects, hepatic jaundice, obesity, dental problems, brain disorders, and more. In medical astrology, a weak position of Jupiter in horoscope contributes to these health problems.

How can health astrology help us

Health astrology helps you to be well-informed about precautions that you can take. We all are born and blessed with a unique life span. Know your life span from birth details and to enjoy that life span trouble-free, health astrology for health issues seen from your horoscope can really make you proactive. One can take many informed actions/precautions to avoid serious health issues, including hospitalization/surgery, etc.


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