AC vs Cooler: The Ultimate Guide To Beat The Heat In India

With the arrival of summer, once again the debatable AC vs. cooler has made its way and resurfaced. Air conditioners (ACs) and air coolers both have notable highlights and challenges; their relevancy is also determined by cost, climate, and special requirements. We are going to focus on how this article will help you differentiate between the two and know whether AC is better than Coolers or not.

AC Vs Cooler

Make the best choice: Difference between Air Conditioner and Air Cooler


  • Air Conditioner: ACs are fixed in one place and can’t move.

  • Air Coolers: Portable and can be moved easily around.


  • Air Conditioner: Makes the air dry and reduces humidity.

  • Air Cooler:  Coolers increase humidity and are preferable in dry areas.

Air Quality 

  • Air Conditioner: Filter air and remove dust and other microparticles.

  • Air Cooler: Only for cooling and not to filter air.

Noise Level

  • Air Conditioner: Usually quiet 

  • Air Cooler: Noisier than ACs


  • ACs: Suitable for every season with heating models.

  • Air Cooler:  Used only in Summer.

Understand the minimal

Climate Suitability: ACs work effectively in any climate, especially humid ones. Coolers, on the other hand, flourish in drought-prone areas. In high-humidity settings, cooler operations may become ineffective since the air is already struggling to absorb additional moisture.

Cooling Method: AC cools the air with a refrigerant, making the area colder and less humid, while coolers give moisture to the air, which makes them useful in dry conditions.

Temperature Control: ACs provide accurate temperature control, letting you set and maintain the desired temperature. Coolers give a refreshing sensation but lack the precise temperature control of air conditioners.

Installation requirement: Unlike air conditioners, air coolers do not need to be professionally installed. Air conditioners require comprehensive professional installation assistance as well as proper preparations in and out of the room for the AC to fit properly.

Comfortability: Air conditioners provide more comfort because they can cool a room/hall or chosen location in minutes. Air coolers, on the other hand, may cool the rooms slowly.

Seasonal Use: Air conditioners are now designed with advanced technology and features that allow them to be utilized throughout the year. They may adjust the room's temperature as needed. Air coolers, on the other hand, are only suitable for use during the summer.

Cost Comparison

Initial Cost: 

ACs are often more expensive to buy and install. Split and window air conditioners typically cost between ₹20,000 and ₹50,000 or more, while coolers are more cheap, with costs ranging from ₹5,000–₹15,000.

Operating cost:

Regarding the cost of air conditioners and coolers, both provide different experiences. AC uses a high amount of electricity, which is almost between 1,000  and 2,000 watts, which leads to overpricing on your current bill. While coolers are comparatively cheaper and use only 100 to 500 watts, in case you are looking for a better option, air coolers are preferable. 

Installation and Maintenance

Air Conditioner

To ensure that your air conditioner functions smoothly, both installation and maintenance must be done properly. Professional installation is required, especially for split systems and window units, to ensure optimal operation and safety. Once your air conditioner is operational, frequent maintenance is essential to keeping it efficient and extending its life. This involves cleaning the filters regularly, monitoring the refrigerant levels, and doing basic unit maintenance. By following these instructions, you can enjoy cool comfort for many years to come.

Air Coolers:

Setting up air coolers is simple and doesn’t require much guidance. You need to fill the water tank, plug it in, and here it is, ready to work. Talking about maintenance, just keep cleaning the water tank to take advantage of using it regularly. 

Comfort and Health Factors

Air Conditioner

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems play an important role in keeping the indoor climate comfortable. They accomplish this by accurately regulating temperatures and reducing humidity. This can have a positive health impact by improving indoor air quality with proper filtering. However, unlimited use of HVAC systems can impact dry skin and respiratory difficulties.

Air coolers:

Air Coolers are preferable in dry areas. However, coolers require clean water to provide the best health advantages. Using polluted water can only develop algae and prevent the humidifier’s favourable effects.

Air Cooler vs Air Conditioner FAQ

In what climates do air conditioners and air coolers work best?

Air Conditioners: ACs are effective in any climate, especially humid ones.

Air Coolers: Best suited for areas that are often humid and dry. 

How do the operating costs of air conditioners and air coolers compare?

Air Conditioners: High electricity usage in ACs, consuming between 1,000 and 2,000 watts, leading to higher monthly electricity bills.

Air Coolers: Coolers are more energy-efficient, using only 100 to 500 watts, resulting in significantly lower operating costs.

What maintenance do air conditioners and air coolers require?

Air Conditioners: They require regular professional maintenance, including filter cleaning, refrigerant level monitoring, and general unit upkeep.

Air Coolers: Simple maintenance, such as regularly cleaning the water tank and pads, and ensuring airflow vents are not blocked.

What is the environmental impact of using air conditioners versus air coolers?

Air Conditioners: ACs have a higher carbon footprint due to electricity use and refrigerants, though advances in technology are reducing this impact.

Air Coolers: Coolers are more environmentally friendly, requiring minimal electricity and no toxic chemicals, though they do use water.

The choice between an air cooler and an air conditioner is mostly determined by your needs and usage scenarios. Both have persuasive arguments in their favour, but the most important considerations are your budget, the climate conditions where you reside, and your cooling requirements in terms of power and speed. Regardless of the way you take it, there are several options available from reputable manufacturers that you can purchase right now. Both cooling solutions have their benefits and cater to different needs, ensuring comfort and peace in this sweating summer in India.

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