Ram Temple Set To Be Inaugurated In Jan Next Year: Report

The inauguration date of Ram Temple in Ayodhya will be finalised after confirmation from Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Ram Temple in Ayodhya

The Ram Temple in Uttar Pradesh’s Ayodhya is set to be inaugurated in January next year.

The temple would be inaugurated between January 14-24, the reports said. 

“The preparations (Pooja) for the inauguration will start on Jan 14 and the inauguration date will be finalised after confirmation from Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” reported The Hindu.

The report quoting a senior member of the temple trust said that the trust has proposed holding the ‘Pranpratistha’ (consecration ceremony) of the Ram Lalla in the temple which is under construction, on January 21-24 next year.

“We have been told that auspicious time will start from January 14 and ‘shubh mahurat’ is anytime between January 15 to 24. As the Pranpratistha pooja takes days, the pooja will start from January 14 and the Prime Minister will confirm his availability for the final day,” the trust member was quoted as having said.

It also said an official letter for the availability of the PM Modi has been already sent.

The report also said apart from PM, eminent personalities will be invited for the ‘Pranpratistha’. 

“The trust plans to invite over 25,000 Hindu religious leaders of 136 ‘Sanatan’ traditions for the ceremony. The temple trust is expecting around 10,000 people to attend the event, inside the temple. While the number of pilgrims may go into millions on the day of the consecration ceremony and for the management of the crowd, the district administration has been asked to ensure smooth movement of the devotees,” it said.

The trust will feed 1 lakh saints and devotees everyday for 30 days before inauguration, it added.

The temple — which is being built after the Supreme Court of India in its judgement in 2019, maintained that the Muslim community was wrongfully deprived of their 450-year-old mosque but goes on to reject their claim for the exclusive title and possession of the land in Ayodhya — will be situated in 67.3 acres of land accorded to it under the Supreme Court judgement, it mentioned.