Delhi School: 16-Year-Old Boy Hospitalized After Being Kicked, Punched By 4 Teachers; Case Filed

According to the boy's mother, on September 15, her son was brutally beaten by a teacher for looking out of the window. It has been reported that the four teachers also threatened the boy with consequences if he complained about the incident.

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In an untoward incident, a 16-year-old student was allegedly physically assaulted by four school teachers in the Yamuna Vihar area of Delhi, officials said. The boy was immdediately hodpitalized following the incident.The victim's mother lodged a First Information Report (FIR) against the four teachers.

According to police, "The victim's mother Kavita revealed that on September 15, her son had gone to the Delhi Government school in Yamuna Vihar like every other day, when he was brutally beaten for looking out of the window by a school teacher." 

Statement of the boy's mother

The woman said that despite her apologising to his teacher he was thrown out of the classroom, said police.

"In the fourth period, however, the 16-year-old was summoned by the same teacher again and brutally kicked, punched and elbowed by three other teachers of the school," the woman's complaint read.

The four teachers also threatened the boy with consequences if he complained about the incident.

The boy narrated the incident to his mother and refused to go to school. According to his mother the boy suffered severe pain and swelling in the chest, after which he was admitted to hospital.

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