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Caleb Coffee, star US TikToker updates fans after falling off 80ft cliff in Hawaii

TikTok star Caleb Coffee, known for his 11 million followers, survived a harrowing 80-foot cliff fall while hiking in Hawaii. Miraculously, though he suffered multiple fractures and injuries, his spirit remains unbroken as he updates his "Coffee Crew" fans, revealing a heartwarming gratitude for their support amidst his challenging recovery.

TikToker Caleb Coffee

TikToker Caleb Coffee, who has more than 11 million followers on the platform, went on a hike with friends on Wednesday, August 16th. During the outing, he reportedly slipped and descended from a cliff estimated to be 60-80 feet in height. The impact led him to land on the ground below, which resulted in a fractured spine, a broken femur, elbow, and wrist, in addition to cuts and burns spanning his entire body. His family issued a statement revealing that he was promptly airlifted to a hospital for medical attention.

A GoFundMe campaign was initiated for the 18-year-old, showing  numerous hospital pictures alongside his family. According to the page, Caleb lacked health insurance during the period of his injury, and it currently aims to raise $100K in funds.

Peyton Coffee, his sister, conveyed that he considers himself fortunate to have survived. In her written statement, she asked Caleb’s fans that if they are unable to contribute financially, their prayers would mean a lot to him. Peyton shared that Caleb expresses gratitude for his survival, although he is presently enduring significant discomfort.

The subsequent day, Jason Coffee, Caleb's father, provided an update as well. He took to his Instagram Story, conveying that his son's condition continues to be steady and he is fully aware. Jason highlighted that the TikToker is engaged in conversation and displaying a positive demeanor.

In a post on Instagram, Jason, the father, expressed, "I am at a loss to provide any reasoning for this other than expressing gratitude to Jesus. [Caleb] is maintaining stability, maintaining consciousness, engaging in conversation, and exuding positivity."

Caleb Coffee speaks
"Coffee Crew," Caleb's affectionate term for his fans, received a direct address from him regarding his recent accident. In a Thursday Instagram post on his father Jason's account, Caleb provided an update, dispelling concerns about a broken neck.

He mentioned that it was the second day following his 80-foot cliff fall. The doctors had suspected potential spine or neck fractures, but after undergoing an MRI, it turned out that miraculously, neither of them was broken—there was only irritation.

In response to a TikTok video that was covering his accident, Caleb provided a further update on his condition. He openly expressed his gratitude to those who were making an effort to assist or offer support during this time.