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5 Facts about the Grand Canyon you may not know

Even the most experienced visitors cannot assert comprehensive knowledge of this awe-inspiring natural wonder, despite its grandeur and rich history

A Picture of the Grand Canyon

Located in northwestern Arizona lies a breathtaking beautiful natural wonders on Earth - the Grand Canyon. Over the years, several people across the globe have been lured to visit the place and to stunning vistas and awe-inspiring geological formations. 

Despite its grandeur and enduring history, not even the most seasoned visitor can claim to know everything about this awe-inspiring natural wonder. Take a look at the top five interesting facts about iconic natural wonder. 

1. There are hidden caves in Grand Canyon 

It is estimated that there are approximately 1,000 hidden caves within the canyon. However, till now, only 335 caves have been discovered. Among those 335 caves, tourists are only allowed to visit one specific cave. 

2. The Grand Canyon was the site of a giant hoax in 1909 

The Arizona Gazette once ran a story suggesting the presence of an ancient Tibetan or Egyptian civilization within an underground tunnel in the Grand Canyon. The Smithsonian, however, vehemently refuted the entire account, stating they had no information about such archaeologists. Even today, conspiracy theorists persist in speculating that this incident could have been a government concealment.

3. The Grand Canyon consist of numerous pink snakes 

It  is the home to one of the largest venomous snakes in the United States, the Rattlesnakes. The Grand Canyon Pink Rattlesnake is only found within the Grand Canyon National Park and is one of six kinds of rattlesnakes living within the park. It blends in with the rocks around it, making it extra surprising for tourists to find one.

4. There is a town inside Grand Canyon 

The Grand Canyon consist of a village named Supai. A total of 208 people are residing in the village which is known as the most isolated community within the contiguous United States.

5. A huge mystery surrounds the Grand Canyon 

Known as the Great Unconformity, the Grand Canyon exhibits a geological phenomenon. It is understood that the hundreds of millions of years of missing layers are due to a collision between 250 million-year-old rocks and 1.2 billion-year-old rocks.