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Whitney Houston: Exploring the Underrated And Hidden Musical Gems of This American Singer

Celebrate Whitney Houston's 60th birthday by exploring her underrated songs that showcase her musical brilliance beyond the chart-topping hits. Discover hidden gems that highlight her diverse vocal talents.


Whitney sings her underrated “You Give Good Love”

Fans are gearing up to celebrate the 60th birthday of music icon Whitney Houston, who redefined pop music with her signature style and impeccable vocal talents. Whitney made her mark right from her debut album, with many tracks reaching the number one spot on the US Billboard charts for consecutive weeks. Her remarkable discography is filled with evergreen hits like "Saving All My Love for You," "How Will I Know," "Greatest Love of All," and "I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)."

Apart from these renowned tracks, Whitney produced some fine yet underrated music in her career. Many of these songs were sidelined and forgotten, but they remain some of Whitney Houston’s best works.


These are some of Whitney Houston’s underrated songs:

    1."You Give Good Love":

This song showcased her vocal prowess and emotional depth. It is an R&B classic but did not find as much attention as Whitney’s other hits.

      2."Run to You":

Part of The Bodyguard’s soundtrack, this song was overshadowed by the phenomenal success of “I Will Always Love You.”

     3. "I Love the Lord":

A gospel song part of the soundtrack of The Preacher’s Wife, Whitney went back to her gospel music roots in this underrated track.

    4. "Same Script, Different Cast":


A track where Whitney collaborated with Deborah Cox, this song has found itself overshadowed by Whitney’s solo hit tracks. Two incredible artists teamed up to produce a song whose theme resonated with listeners.

    5. "Thinking About You":

A track from her debut album, while showcasing her vocal range, is an underrated R&B single that hardly impacted pop charts.

    6. "Million Dollar Bill":

Written by Alicia Keys, this less recognized track sees Whitney dabbling in the disco genre.

    7. "I Believe in You and Me":

This powerful ballad by Whitney was unfortunately overshadowed due to the success of “I Will Always Love You.”

Whitney’s underrated songs are a reminder of Whitney’s musical genius, whose versatility and unique vocal talents captured her listeners' hearts.