Monday, Jul 04, 2022

Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Kremlin Denies Use Of Cluster Munitions

The UN's Geneva-based office said on Tuesday that amongst the 400 civilians injured in the conflict, 26 are children.

Russia bombs kharkiv, cluster munition, Ukrainian woman
A woman stands outside a demolished building after Russia bombed Ukraine AP Photos

Following the allegations regarding use of cluster munitions,the Kremlin has denied that the Russian military has used cluster munitions in Ukraine and insisted that the Russian forces only have struck military targets.

Kremlin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov insisted Tuesday that “the Russian troops don't conduct any strikes against civilian infrastructure and residential areas”. Peskov's claim contradicts abundant evidence documented by the AP of indiscriminate shelling of homes, schools, and hospitals across Ukraine.

Peskov also rejected the accusations that the Russian military has used cluster munitions and devastating vacuum weapons, dismissing them as fabrications.

Speaking in a conference call with reporters, he wouldn't respond to questions about whether the Kremlin is happy with the pace of the offensive and wouldn't comment on Russian military casualties.The Russian Defense Ministry said for the first time Monday that it has suffered losses but didn't name any numbers.
Geneva: The UN human rights office says it has recorded the deaths of 136 civilians, including 13 children, in Ukraine since the start of Russia's invasion on Feb 24, but warned the toll may be far higher.

“Most of these casualties were caused by the use of explosive weapons with a wide impact area, including shelling from heavy artillery and multiple launch rocket systems, and air strikes,” it said. “These are only the casualties we were able to cross-check, and the real toll is likely to be much higher.”

It urged parties to the conflict not to use explosive weapons with wide area effects in populated areas because of the “very high risks of indiscriminate and disproportionate impact on civilians.”

Moscow: Russia's Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu says that the military will keep pressing its offensive in Ukraine “until it achieves its stated goals,” charging that the attack is intended to “protect" his country from a military threat from Western countries, "which are trying to use the Ukrainian people in the fight against our country”.

Shoigu reaffirmed on Tuesday that the Russian military “strikes only military facilities and uses exclusively precision weapons” despite abundant evidence documented by the AP of indiscriminate shelling of homes, schools and hospitals across Ukraine.

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