Wednesday, Jul 06, 2022

World Book And Copyright Day: Here’s What TV Celebs Are Reading Now

World Book And Copyright Day falls every year on April 23 coinciding with writer William Shakespeare’s birth and death anniversary. TV celebrities share their favourite books and what they’re reading currently.

Vijayendra Kumeria, Jasmin Bhasin, Anuj Sachdeva
Vijayendra Kumeria, Jasmin Bhasin, Anuj Sachdeva Instagram

People around the world celebrate World Book And Copyright Day today. It coincides with writer William Shakespeare’s birth and death anniversary. Celebrities all over the world keep sharing their favourite books or what they’re reading on their social media pages. Here are some of the popular TV celebs and their book suggestions:

Jasmin Bhasin

I would love to recommend a few books which I read. I loved the book When Bad Things Happen to Good People by Harold s. Kushner. The book was a first-hand account of the tragedy he experienced in his life. We all need to have a positive approach to life. I also recommend Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach. In today's time, yes, we are just forgetting the whole feeling, the whole experience of reading a book. But reading, it turns out, is an excellent method to improve your social intelligence. For example, reading novels alters our brains and social abilities. So I think everyone should read books as reading books is the best way to increase your exposure to new words, learned in context.

Vijayendra Kumeria

I like biographies and autobiographies a lot. Biographies can show us how successful people deal with crises and solve difficult situations. They welcome us into people's lives, allowing us to watch as they face obstacles and make crucial decisions. These books can teach you how to have a better approach towards life. I would recommend ‘The story of my experiments with truth’, the biography of Mahatma Gandhi. I found the book very engrossing. One of the very few books that have changed my life and my inner self. It talks about God, faith, hope, truth, failure, success and morality. It is so inspiring. It is true that the practice of reading books has been abandoned in today's world of mobile phones and the internet. And in today's time, I think people's cognition has been negatively impacted by online reading. When reading online, concentration, comprehension, absorption, and recall are not as effective as it is when reading offline. The days of searching dusty library shelves for a single snippet of information are long gone. And those who read books regularly, gradually develop large vocabularies. And vocabulary will help in many areas of your life. So, we should all have a habit of reading.

Charrul Malik

This day is unforgettable because it's on my birthday. So, there is no chance that I will forget and miss it. I'm fond of reading books. In fact, I have a pretty good collection and the most admired, adored book and my most cherished book is the Secret. This book has really added meaning to my life because there are a lot of things to learn from it. In that, they have focused on what is the meaning of manifestation? What is the role it plays in our life? if we think positively then thoughts get multiplied and divided and then it comes back to us. So we should always think positive. think good things and constructive things, and that is the secret of a happy life. because if we are happy from within, I think life is a bliss. If we are unhappy then we are nothing. we are finished. I really like this book and I have read this book many times and even now when I read this book, I learn something more. So, I think we all should have a habit of writing and especially reading because I feel if we keep reading books, it will help us in our grammar, reading out loud in any language and our pronunciations will be polished. It keeps on adding value to our thoughts. I don't know why we have forgotten about reading. nowadays we read books on the phone, there are books online but it's not fun while reading it. The effect of taking a book in hand, the smell of the book, the way we turn pages of the book, reading the introduction of the book, reading about the author, the cover page, the bookmark when you are done reading for the day. It's a different feeling altogether. There's a common saying that books are your best friend.

Aparna Dixit

There was a book that I read in college. It was called The Secret. That time the book was new and my senior told me to read that book. And I think that book has changed the way I look at life. It's a very inspiring and a very motivational book. In fact, a lot of people follow the book in real life as well. It's about the law of attraction. But it gives examples. And when you look at the ideas written in that book and people who had actually followed the law of attraction, it has worked for them. And that is one book since then it is safe with me. So even now when I feel low, if I want directions in my life, I do go back and try to read that book again and again. In fact, the people behind the book are kind enough because for the first time when I got the book, I was in college and after all these years, now I'm an actor. I have a verified Instagram account, and the team has sent me their latest book, which I, in fact, shared on Instagram. I feel very blessed, it's called The Greatest Secret.

Arun Mandola

Generally, I don’t like reading but recently I have started reading the Bhagavad Gita and I am enjoying it a lot. In this book, you will understand universal truth and you are listening to them directly from Lord Krishna. I feel lucky that at this age I am able to read such a holy scripture.

Shivani Gosain

When I shifted to Bombay from Delhi, there was a time I stayed alone for a long time, that was the time I developed a habit of reading books. I used to read inspirational stories, romantic novels, and mysteries but there was a book my friend's father gave me to read "Tough time never lasts but tough people do" with all the inspiring golden quotes in it and that really helped and inspired me to stay strong in any situation. Then once my co-star Dimple Inaamdar gifted me 'The Secret" saying it's time for you to read this and that also changed my perception of things and life. After that, I read a lot of books on soul journeys like "Many lives, Many masters", and "The law of the spirit world ". With time, my time was replaced with phones, the internet, and social media and I almost stopped reading books. The last book I read was the Law of the Spirit World. I feel the joy of reading a book can't be replaced by anything.. Once a book lover always is a book lover.

Ayush Anand

The first book that I read that changed my outlook on life was You Can Win by Shiv Khera..Since then I have read many self-help books like The Magic, Secret, Mirror Work and have been practising the techniques mentioned in the books for quite a few years. They have become my daily ritual now. I just started reading the Power Of Now and I am loving it. I believe reading books can never go out of fashion. In fact, this generation has become so positive and less judgmental and all that is happening is because they do read a lot. Having said that, nowadays hard copies are being replaced by Kindle which seems a bit weird to me but that’s technology for you.

Anuj Sachdeva

I have 2-3 favourite books such as Elon Musk by Ashlee Vance. The book is the inspiring story of Elon Musk and how he has revolutionised technology with Tesla and Spacex. It’s a must-read for everyone for the sheer motivation that Musk is. The book is also aspirational and it makes you want to do more with your own life. The second one is Richard Branson Autobiography. Losing My Virginity - Branson has a list of achievements unmatched by any other UK businessman. For anyone burning with entrepreneurial zeal, this book is an absolute must read. And then, Constantin Stanislavaski’s Building a Character. This is a handbook for every actor and I honestly believe that it gives a new perspective to your acting capabilities. It’s a book that stands out for its technique. If you are an aspiring actor, go read it first.