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Shefali Shah: I Am A Woman, A Mother, A Homemaker, A Wife, A Friend And An Actor

Shefali Shah speaks at the TEDxGateway about breaking barriers in today’s society. She asked some really pertinent questions.

Shefali Shah

Shefali Shah joined the esteemed list of speakers at TEDxGateway recently. India's Largest Ideas Platform is back after 2 years with its iconic event - #BreakingBarriers. Shah has joined forces with women who have strived hard to re-imagine the world we live in and shape our paths for a promising world tomorrow. After delivering several impactful performances and sharing nuggets of wisdom both on and offscreen, the actress has again won our hearts with her remarkable speech.

In the speech, the actress said, “Today, I am not here as an actor. Today, I am here just as myself. In all my honesty, in all my vulnerability and like my son says ‘100 forms of a human emoji. I copied that line from him. What you see on screen is scripted but life isn't. Well, what you see on screen is scripted but life isn't and yet in life we play so many different roles.”

“Have you all registered that we call it playing roles, not working roles. And to play is to enjoy ourselves. So, what are the roles that you are playing? Several, many, exactly!! Me too,” chuckled Shah.

She also added, “I am a woman, apparently a strong one. A mother, a homemaker, a wife, friend and an actor. You have been made to believe that all these roles define us and they really do in a very very big way. But actually to think of it, isn't it us who define these roles? How you play the role is what makes it unique. Because no one will be you. Despite the paradox, norms and conditioning. A conditioning that starts so early in life.”

Shefali Shah has enjoyed multiple awards this last few years including National and International Awards such as Emmy for ‘Delhi Crime’, which became the only Indian show to ever win an Emmy.

On the work front, she has relished a very successful year with content like ‘Doctor G’, ‘Delhi Crime 2’, ‘Darlings’, ‘Jalsa’, and ‘Human’ winning the hearts of audience all over.

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