Thursday, Aug 11, 2022

Priyanka Chopra's Husband Nick Jonas Speaks Up On Embracing Fatherhood

Singer Nick Jonas in a recent interview has discussed how his daughter, Malti Marie Chopra has provided him with a 'wonderful perspective' as a father.

Nick Jonas
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Singer Nick Jonas and actress Priyanka Chopra welcomed Maltie Marie Chopra Jonas, their baby daughter, into the world earlier this year. Last month, the couple shared their baby's first photo, as well as details on how they brought her home after she spent over 100 days in the hospital.

Jonas discussed his journey as a parent in a recent interview with Variety. He told Variety, "The weight of everything is much more intense. I think it's now about trying to be as present as possible and as thoughtful as you can be for your family, but also for other people's journeys. I'm so grateful for [Malti Marie] and the wonderful perspective of being a parent."


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The new parents have talked about how they spend time with their daughter in previous interviews. Jonas also revealed that he has been singing old classics to his baby daughter but is yet to expose her to Jonas Brothers. 

In the same interview, Jonas also discussed how difficult it is for children in the United States as he reacted to the recent Texas school shooting tragedy, adding that he is concerned as a father and an uncle and that he hopes that change will come soon to put an end to such tragedies.