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Min Hee-jin's Alleged Text Chain Leak With ADOR's Executive Seemingly Confirm HYBE's Accusations

While many screenshots of the text messages are being circulated online, one particular leak gained viral attention online, due to mentions of BTS.

Min Hee-jin, HYBE Photo: Koreaboo

A fresh string of purported text messages have been added to an existing collection of leaks containing exchanges among officials from ADOR. These messages appear to corroborate HYBE Labels’ allegations against ADOR’s CEO, Min Hee-jin, amidst a continuing legal dispute for control.

The ongoing psychological warfare unfolding behind the closed doors of the HYBE building has escalated into an unprecedented and highly-intriguing drama. Adding fuel to fire, local media outlet TV Daily exposed the ADOR CEO on May 27, unveiling a lengthy thread of text messages that appear to depict her scheming about ADOR’s departure from HYBE’s multi-label system.

While many screenshots of the messages are being circulated online, one particular leak gained viral attention online, due to mentions of BTS, drawing fans’ interest. It purportedly captures Min Hee-jin and Vice President Lee, referred to as her right-hand, devising a meticulous plan aimed at systematically pressuring HYBE through the media and public scrutiny.

In the series of text messages dated February, a notable exchange occurs when Lee suggests to Min that they should strategize to separate ADOR from HYBE before BTS’ return from military service in June 2025. They discuss leveraging the media to cast doubt on HYBE by exposing alleged chart manipulation. The executive suggests that if it works out, this could raise questions about HYBE’s credibility and will lead to significant losses, which they could exploit. Min Hee-jin then mentions seizing the opportunity while HYBE is under scrutiny to detach ADOR.

In another series of messages dating back to March, the ADOR CEO purportedly strategized to acquire NewJeans through monetary negotiations with the parent label. The messages indicate discussions about valuation and strategic bargaining tactics, leveraging contractual obligations and manipulating public perception through talking to the media.

One of the most revealing messages purportedly shows Min Hee-jin planning with the executive to enlist the parents of the members of NewJeans as whistle blowers to lodge complaints against HYBE. When the executive suggested that ADOR should initiate an internal complaint first, Min Hee-jin declined, stating that releasing the parents’ complaints to the media would be more advantageous for their cause, and will garner them more public favour.

However, it’s crucial to note that the authenticity of these text messages has yet to be verified, and neither of the two labels has responded to the matter yet.