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Jada Pinkett Smith Acknowledges The Infamous Oscars Slap Incident As Important For Marriage's Survival

Jada Pinkett Smith believes that the slap incident as the Oscars was important as it helped save her marriage to Will Smith.

Jada Pinkett Smith

Amidst controversies around her marriage, Jada Pinkett Smith has openly admitted that the highly publicized Oscars slap incident actually helped save her marriage to actor Will Smith from going downhill. She acknowledged the fact that the entire incident led her to contemplate the future of her relationship with Will Smith.

While talking to the Daily Mail, the 'Red Table Talk Show' said, “After all those years trying to figure out if I would leave Will’s side, it took that slap for me to see I will never leave him.” This statement was passed soon after the news of Will being spotted with another woman came out on December 9. Additionally, the duo was also spotted at a social gathering at Lucali pizzeria.

Jada went on to say, “Who knows where our relationship would be if that hadn’t happened?”

For the unacquainted, Jada and Will Smith got married back in 1997, and were termed as the 'power couple.' However, a shocking news was passed by Jada a few months ago where she announced that the two of them have been living separately since the past seven years. 

Jada Pinkett Smith said how that Los Angeles Oscars night changed everything, when her husband ran off to the stage to slap Chris Rock for joking about her alopecia. “I call it the ‘holy slap’ now because so many positive things came after it." The actress was "glad" to be there and see everything unfold before her. She said “That moment of the s*** hitting the fan is when you see where you really are.”

During the Red Sea International Film Festival, the 'Aladdin' actor engaged in a conversation talking about the challenges within his marriage to Jada Pinkett Smith. The actor openly admitted to numerous mistakes and briefly touched upon both his marital struggles and the incident involving his slap of Chris Rock during the 94th Academy Awards.

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