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Aditi Govitrikar Shares Her Shocking Experience Of Casting Couch And How She Was Thrown Out Of A Big Film

Aditi Govitrikar recently went on Siddharth Kannan’s show where she opened up about having faced casting couch troubles at the start of her career. She even described an incident vividly where she was plucked and thrown out of a big-budget film.

Aditi Govitrikar

Aditi Govitrikar is quite popular and has been a part of some of the biggest hits in the past couple of decades. However, she recently went on Siddharth Kannan’s show and shared her horrific experience of having faced casting couch in the early days of her career.

While talking of the incident in Hindi, Aditi Govitrikar said, “Mai South Africa gai thi ek bahut badi film thi uske shoot ke liye. Aur tabhi matlab mujhe samajh nahi aya ki this person is asking for this. To maine to matlab hassa, uske face pe hi main hass ke, udhar se chali gai. Ki aap pagalo ho, or are you stupid? Aisa kuch bolke mai chali gai to unka ego hurt hua. Next day, mujhe aur mere team ko pack up karke Bombay bhej dia gaya. Mujhe samjha bhi nahi ye kya hua.”

Loosely translated this means, “I went to South Africa for the shoot of a very big film. At that moment, I didn't quite grasp that this person was making inappropriate advances. So, I simply chuckled, laughed right in his face, and walked away, saying, 'Are you crazy, or are you stupid?' By uttering these words, I unintentionally bruised his ego. The next day, my team and I were asked to wrap up and sent back to Bombay. I didn't even comprehend what had happened.”

While Aditi Govitrikar was facing the wrath of the aforementioned person, this kept on going further south for her. She went on to describe the following incident, which happened soon afterwards.

Aditi Govitrikar said, “Fir mujhe meeting ke liye bulaya kyuki hum logo ne teen-chaar din ka shoot kiya tha. To unhone kuch to faaltu excuse di ki aisa hai, aisa hai. To maine bola theek hai ab. Tabhi mujhko samjha ki kuch to hua hai, maine mna kia iske liye mujhe nikal diya gya film se.”

Loosely translated this means, “Then I was called for a meeting because we had shot for three to four days. They gave some unnecessary excuses, saying this and that. So, I said okay. That's when I realised that something had happened; I refused, and they removed me from the film.”

In the years after the #MeToo Movement there have been many actresses who’ve openly talked about having gone through casting couch experiences in their career. While many have gone ahead and openly named the perpetrators there have been many others who have kept the names anonymous but shared details about what they had to face and go through.

This incident of getting thrown out of a film has happened to so many actresses at the start of their careers. Many even face it to date after having become big names.

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