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‘Bigg Boss 16’: 5 Times Tina Datta Put Across Her Strong Opinions In The ‘BB’ House

‘Bigg Boss 16’: 5 Times Tina Datta Put Across Her Strong Opinions In The ‘BB’ House

‘Bigg Boss 16’ is getting murkier by the day. However, one of the very few contestants who is constantly leaving a mark with the fans is Tina Datta. Here are a few occasions where she put forth her strong opinions.

Tina Datta
Tina Datta Put Across Her Strong Opinions In The ‘Bigg Boss’ House Instagram

Bigg Boss 16’ has been topping the TRP charts and getting more popular day by day. The ratings have shot over the period, making it one of the most famous seasons by far. Tina Datta who rose to fame with ‘Uttaran’ made a graceful entry this season. Since then, Tina Datta has been topping the headlines. Be it her fashion, style, wit, humour, one-liners or bold stands in the house; she’s in the news for all.

While gaping at the episodes and viewing them critically, we have noticed the side of Datta putting across strong opinions. Out of all the times, we are listing a few below:

When The House Went Smoking In Public

A few weeks ago, Bigg Boss punished the entire house for smoking outside the assigned room and raised his anger about smoking in public. Tina showed her rage and went all out to point out Sajid Khan for being the pioneer of smoking outside the smoking room. Her concern was a bad influence on the viewers.

Stood For Her Own Captaincy

Tina has been very vocal about her own captaincy. She made an alliance with Sajid Khan and the team only to get a chance next time for becoming a captain. Tina has been clear that she wants to become the captain, not for the privileges but for being a captain. She has been upfront about this.

Sumbul’s Obsession For Shalin

Last weekend, Salman Khan slammed Sumbul Toqueer Khan and called her obsessive towards Shalin. Tina agreed to this and in fact, she was the first one to spot this and voiced it in the house. We must say, Datta is on face!!

Declined Shalin’s Insensitive Advice After Rani’s Demise

Shalin Bhanot played petty by telling Tina to use Rani’s demise as a reason to become captain in front of Gautam. Showing her independence and strong opinionated side, Tina did what was right and didn’t use her personal loss as a tool to win a task.

Exposing Archana

Tina doesn’t pay heed to Archana’s nasty behaviour. While Priyanka and Soundarya at times laugh at Archana's cringe commentary, Tina has always given her back. She has even exposed Archana’s theft of sugar and tissue papers. She has given Archana back every time she creates a nuisance in the house.

And there are several other incidents too where Tina has proved her opinions well. In recent days, Tina has been the centre point of discussion inside as well as outside the house. Sumbul’s father passed demeaning commentary on Tina, and fans outside became agitated and backed her up.