‘From A Night Out’: Mumbai Girl ‘Drugged & Raped’ By Insta Friend, Seeks Justice On Social Media

According to the Instagram post made by the woman, the accused Heetik Shah has been charged under the relevant Sections of the Indian Penal Code for rape and voluntarily causing hurt.

Representational Image Photo: PTI

In an untoward incident, a woman's social media friend allegedly drugged and raped her in Mumbai's Worli on January 13. As per media reports, the case is under investigation by police in south Mumbai's Worli.

In an elaborate Instagram post, the 21-year-old woman described the incident as her "most traumatic experience" when she met the accused, Heetik Shah, on the fateful night.

According to the post, the accused, Heetik Shah, has been charged under the relevant Sections of the Indian Penal Code for rape and voluntarily causing hurt.

About the woman's Instagram post

While explaining the horrible incident, the woman wrote, "Heetik Shah and I went out for drinks and partying in town, starting at place A. After meeting a couple of his friends, we left for Bastian. After some tequila shots, I became intoxicated, feeling anxious and alone at the party," she said.

Further adding, she said, she was forced to drink some more by the accused until she encountered a  blackout episode. The woman also mentioned that she suspected of being "roofied". "Being roofied" is a term used for someone being raped or sexually assaulted after being drugged.

"He insisted I drink more, and I had a blackout episode, not recalling what happened next. I suspect I may have been roofied. I woke up to him raping me, and despite my efforts to stop him, he continued and even slapped me three times with intense rage, leaving me scared and intimidated," she recounted the horrific night.

The alleged rape happened at the residence of one of Mr Shah's friends, she said.

"The place turned out to be his friend's, and his friends intervened to protect him. He tried to get me out before I could call for help, even threatening me in their presence. After leaving, he attempted to flee the scene.

"I called my cousin to pick me up. Bruised and hurt, I couldn't bring myself to tell my parents about that night," she wrote.

In her  Instagram post, however, the woman mentioned that the accused apologized to her for his behaviour the next morning. She further added, "His morning apology means nothing to me, and he has absconded because he knows what he has done. 12 days have passed and he hasn't been arrested. He has applied for anticipatory bail."

The screenshot of the alleged apology read, "Hi I am genuinely sorry for whatever happened tonight didn't mean to do what happened, the situation got heated up and escalated and I'm really very sorry, I hope we can get over this and leave this behind us, I'm again very apologetic and sorry (sic)"