Halal Row: Karnataka HM Says Those Not Respecting Constitution, Court Order Should Be Taught A Lesson

The Minister's comment came as a section of Muslims had called for a statewide bandh against the Karnataka High Court verdict on hijab.

Home Minister of Karnataka.

Amid the raging halal row where some right wing organisations have asked Hindus not to use halal meat during 'Hosa Tadaku' festival, Karnataka Home Minister Araga Jnanendra on Thursday said those who do not respect the Constitution and honour the court verdict should be taught a lesson.

The Minister's comment came as a section of Muslims had called for a statewide bandh against the Karnataka High Court verdict on hijab, which dismissed the petition of Muslim girl students from Udupi Government Girls' Pre University College, who wanted Hijab to be allowed along with the school uniform in classrooms.

The girls who petitioned to the High Court had contended that hijab was their essential religious practice and challenged the Government order which banned any cloth that could disturb peace, harmony and public order.        

"Those who do not respect the Indian Constitution and say that the court verdict is not applicable to them should be taught a lesson. We are telling them sincerely that you should not function this way in this country. Nobody hates you and we have to live like brothers only," he told reporters here.

The Minister said the government has a limited role to play on the issue pertaining to halal, which is left to the wisdom of people. 

Jnanendra said the 'Boycott halal food' campaign is not a law and order situation but something related to faith and sentiments, "which everyone knows."

He also wondered why the BJP was blamed by some for the campaign, which is related to faith and sentiments and individual choices.

The Minister also blamed intellectuals for lecturing only the Hindus and not the others. He said, "Secularism flows in our blood."

A day after the Ugadi festival, which will fall on April 1, a section of Hindus who eat non-vegetarian food, organise 'Hosa Tadaku' where they cook meat.

The Bajrang Dal, Vishwa Hindu Parishad and various Hindu outfits have been running a door-to-door campaign asking people not to use halal meat. They have been distributing leaflets as well.

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