Central Government Lifts Ban On Non-Essential Construction And BS-III, BS-IV Vehicles In Delhi-NCR Amid Improving Air Quality

The Central government lifts the ban on non-essential construction and the use of BS-III, BS-IV vehicles in Delhi-NCR, citing an improvement in air quality, as the Commission for Air Quality Management notes positive strides with an AQI of 316.


Delhi-NCR air quality Photo: PTI

The Central government has decided to lift the ban on non-essential construction work and the use of BS-III petrol and BS-IV diesel four-wheelers in Delhi-NCR, citing a notable improvement in the air quality. The Commission for Air Quality Management (CAQM) recorded an Air Quality Index (AQI) of 316 at 2 pm, indicating progress and falling below the threshold that triggers Stage-III actions under the Graded Response Action Plan.

Despite the positive developments, the Commission emphasized the continuation of Stage I to Stage II actions to prevent a return to the 'severe' category. The decision to implement Stage III restrictions had been made earlier when the air quality had deteriorated to 'severe plus' levels.


The exemptions to the ban include non-essential construction work related to national security or defense, projects of national importance, healthcare, railways, metro rail, airports, interstate bus terminals, highways, roads, flyovers, overbridges, power transmission, pipelines, sanitation, and water supply.

The Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP), a comprehensive air pollution control plan implemented by the Central government during the winter season, categorizes actions into four stages based on the Air Quality Index: Stage I - 'Poor' (AQI 201-300); Stage II - 'Very Poor' (AQI 301-400); Stage III - 'Severe' (AQI 401-450); and Stage IV - 'Severe Plus' (AQI exceeding 450).