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Who is US TikTok star Caleb Coffee and what happened to him; All you need to know

US TikTok star Caleb Coffee, known for audacious pranks, narrowly escapes an 80-foot cliff fall in Hawaii, sustaining severe injuries. Despite the challenges, his recovery journey unfolds, while his "Coffee Crew" fans rally support for his medical expenses.

US TikTok star Caleb Coffee

Caleb Coffee, a famous USTikToker with a following exceeding 11 million, frequently showcases audacious pranks on the platform. In a recent incident, Caleb narrowly escaped a cliff fall in Hawaii, sustaining severe injuries.

Who is Caleb Coffee?
Caleb Coffee is an 18 year old prominent member of the "coffee crew" found on TikTok, where he and his family delight viewers with their daring exploits and playful antics.

His rise to prominence dates back to 2013, marked by his initial appearances in the Vine videos crafted by his father, Jason Coffee.

Before Vine was discontinued, Caleb managed to garner an impressive following of over 200k supporters on his individual Vine account.

What happened to Caleb Coffee?
Caleb was on a hiking expedition in Hawaii alongside his friends when an unfortunate incident occurred. He slipped and plunged from an 80-foot cliff onto sharp lava rocks, leading to severe injuries. Following the accident, he was promptly airlifted to a hospital for urgent medical attention.

Sharing an update on Caleb's condition, his father stated on Instagram that despite the challenges, Caleb was displaying movement in his toes and fingers, along with a minor neck fracture. Currently, he was contending with a spinal fracture, a broken femur, elbow, and wrist, as well as numerous abrasions and burns spanning his entire body. Additionally, he had been experiencing difficulties in retaining food.

Medical professionals have indicated that more injuries may surface in the upcoming weeks, underscoring the ongoing nature of his recovery process.

However, Caleb addressed his fans, known as the Coffee Crew, and shared that it was the second day since his fall from an 80-foot cliff.

He mentioned that the doctors had initially suspected his spine or neck might be broken, but after undergoing an MRI, they found that it was miraculously not broken, just irritated.

While holding back tears, he reflected on the height of the fall, expressing his inability to fully comprehend it. He couldn't recall the moment clearly, only remembering waking up and fearing for his life.

Caleb is currently hospitalized, experiencing intense pain. His family is working to gather money through crowdfunding  to address his medical expenses due to his lack of insurance.