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Virginia Talent Oliver Anthony’s Hit Numbers Raises a Spark in the US

The ‘Rich Men North Richmond’ singer has become an overnight sensation and has even debuted at No.1 on the US Billboard Charts. Here are some other songs by Oliver Anthony that describe the hardships of living in the US in the current times.

Oliver Anthony

Overnight sensation Oliver Anthony’s viral working-class anthem, “Rich Men North of Richmond” has been doing rounds all throughout since the day it was played at political levels in the US. The singer, born in Virginia, US, has even debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Charts. Well, that’s not it, the song has been racking up millions of views and still counting on social media.

The singer of the country-folk genre, Oliver Anthony throws light on the frustration of working for meager amounts and addressing the issues of miners in the US in his recent sensation, which has reached the right ears, however, sparking controversy across.

Well, although this single broke all records for him in no time, here are some works of Oliver Anthony that have caught a similar vibe in them:

I Want to Go Home

Released after his ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ sensation, the song has garnered 1.5 million views in just 20 hours of release and ranks No. 1 on the YouTube trending chart and is trending on top 3 on iTunes. Singing with his usual guitar and mic at a countryside farm in Virginia, Oliver Anthony mentions in the song how the United States has been modernizing and changing every passing day echoing the thoughts of people in the countryside.

Rich Man’s Gold

“You weren’t born just to pay bills and die.” This line has surely stirred up some thought making many people think and comprehend about their current lives and that of what they want to be. The song has been played largely on iTunes and Spotify leaving many wondering what it is exactly that they are struggling for!

Ain’t Gotta Dollar

The song about self-reliance without spending money has been ranked Anthony's fourth best by critics. It has reached number 1 on the Viral 50 list on Spotify and No. 2 on iTunes. In one of the interviews, Anthony said that members of the public had even reached out to tell him that the song had connected with them powerfully.

I’ve Got to Get Sober

Well, this song seems like Oliver Anthony is simply reciting his story and about him writing songs. In the hit number which reached No. 3 on iTunes, the country-folk singer continues his trademark of highlighting the odds of the fast-changing world in the US. Oliver seems to be convincing himself to get sober and do things right as to what is demanded of him.