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Pennsylvania Unveils New License Plate And Welcome Signs To Celebrate America's 250th Anniversary

Pennsylvania is gearing up for America's 250th anniversary with new license plates and welcome signs, unveiled by Governor Josh Shapiro, featuring the Liberty Bell and the phrase "Let Freedom Ring." These commemorative designs celebrate the state's pivotal role in the nation's history and will be available starting in 2025.

New Pennsylvania License Plate
New Pennsylvania License Plates Photo: X

Pennsylvania has introduced a new license plate design to celebrate America's 250th anniversary, unveiled by Governor Josh Shapiro on Tuesday morning. Starting in 2025, Pennsylvania will introduce new license plates and welcome signs showcasing the Liberty Bell along with the phrase, "Let Freedom Ring."

In a post on the social media platform X, Governor Shapiro stated:

"Pennsylvania is the birthplace of our democracy and our freedom — and in 2026, we’ll celebrate America’s 250th anniversary right here in the Commonwealth where it started. With all eyes on Pennsylvania, our new license plates will celebrate that heritage — and remind the country that here in Pennsylvania, we will let freedom ring."

The new license plates will feature blue number lettering, an image of the Liberty Bell, and the phrase "Let Freedom Ring" in red lettering on an off-white background.

A similar design will be featured on the state's welcome signs, incorporating elements of the new license plate along with the added text "Est. 1681."

Pennsylvanians can sign up to receive information about obtaining the commemorative plates, which will be available in spring 2025, ahead of the semiquincentennial celebration in 2026.

While the cost of the new plates is not yet determined, replacing most plates currently costs $13, according to PennDOT spokesperson Alexis Campbell, as reported by local media outlets.

The first 8 state welcome signs have been installed at the following locations:

  1. U.S. 15 in Adams County

  2. I-295 in Bucks County

  3. I-90 at the Ohio line in Erie County

  4. I-70 in Fulton County

  5. I-80 in Monroe County

  6. Route 449 in Potter County

  7. I-81 in Susquehanna County

  8. Route 1015 in Tioga County

An additional 29 signs will be installed in the coming months.