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Flaunting Success On First Date Leaves Good Impression As Americans Favor Hypergamy In Modern Dating

Emotional connection and luxury are now intertwined in the book of romance. A recent survey reveals that Americans believe a captivating date now goes beyond candlelit dinners and moonlit strolls.

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A recent survey of 2,000 U.S. adults reveals that a truly captivating date now goes beyond candlelit dinners and moonlit strolls. In today's whirlwind world of romance, emotional connection has transcended mere luxury to become an absolute necessity.

Nearly half (47%) of those surveyed cherish dates that delve into their partner’s background, sparking in-depth and intelligent conversations that linger in the memory.

Commissioned by luxury dating site Seeking.com and conducted by Talker Research, this study found that for 39% of people, the ultimate luxurious gesture is having the other person foot the bill entirely. Meanwhile, an overwhelming 65% long to be “swept off their feet”, with 35% declaring a relationship doomed if that magical feeling is missing from the very first encounter.

Traits like self-confidence, pride in accomplishments, and extraordinary effort are held in high regard. 80% of respondents find self-confidence irresistibly attractive, 75% admire those who take pride in their achievements, and 73% are impressed by those who go “above and beyond” to make the first date unforgettable.

Further, the study reveals that 45% of Americans believe it's perfectly acceptable to flaunt success and affluence on a first date. In fact, 31% believe that financial success significantly enhances one's allure.

What is hypergamy?

The concept of ‘hypergamy,’ - a form of romantic attraction where one person is drawn to another who has a higher socioeconomic status than themselves, supporting and enhancing their own life, also makes waves in modern dating. Although initially unfamiliar to 43%, once explained, 47% expressed a positive view of hypergamy. Almost four in ten (39%) believe that finding a partner with hypergamic traits can profoundly impact their personal growth and self-discovery.

“When people are looking for meaningful connections and relationships, they’re looking for others that can match their intellect and have ambitions in life,” said Emma Hathorn, the in-house dating and relationships expert at Seeking.com. “Showcasing those ambitions and treating dates to a taste of luxury sets the bar for the relationship, it is time to say goodbye to ordinary dating. People want to find themselves elevated — both in the conversation itself, and by being treated to something tailored to them, exclusively.”

The survey also reveals that over 42% of respondents find financial stability and culinary skills highly attractive, 24% appreciate a well-appointed home, 21% value a cultured taste in music, and 20% are drawn to a keen fashion sense.