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Batman Day: 5 reasons why the DC hero is the best superhero ever

September 16 is celebrated as Batman Day. On this day, fans of the famed caped crusader from Detective Comics (DC) celebrate one of the biggest comic characters that has found relatability and love from people of all ages since the mid-nineties to the current generation


On September 16, the fans of the famed caped crusader Batman will be celebrating one of the most acclaimed comic characters from Detective Comics (DC). Every year, this day is commemorated as 'Batman Day.'

DC introduced Batman to the world in 1939 with the first story titled 'The Case of the Chemical Syndicate,' which was written by acclaimed comic writer Bill Finger while the comic was drawn by the legendary cartoonist Bob Kane.

Since its inception, Batman and other crucial characters of the comic book, like the Joker, Harley Quinn, Batwoman, and Alfred Pennyworth, to name a few, have gone through numerous reprisals in various mediums.

Since the mid-nineties until now, Batman has gained the love of fans all over the world and from people belonging to different age groups and even generations.

As fans gear up to celebrate Batman Day, here are five reasons why he might be the best superhero of all time:
Batman is a human being

One of the biggest relatable factors about Batman is that he is a human being, just like his fans. Unlike other DC characters like Superman and Wonder Woman, who possess other-worldly powers, Batman is a normal human being who uses technology and other human means to fight crime.

1. Batman is a complex character
Unlike Marvel Universe counterparts like Captain America, who have a straightforward character comprised of unbridled righteousness, Batman has a very complex character arc. On one hand, he can be perceived as a hero who fights crime, but there is also a darker side to his story, which begs the question as to whether he is a superhero or a vigilante. Batman is a character with many flaws, and that is what makes him more appealing to the audience. No wonder he is called 'The Dark Knight.'

2. Batman persists through pain
Batman's entire life is a painful journey that started with the time when his parents were murdered in front of his eyes. Since then, he has not only endured the dread of Gotham's criminal underbelly but has also undergone numerous personal afflictions. However, what makes him loved is his sheer grit and persistence to push himself through the tough times and come out the other side victorious, which instils courage, motivation, and inspiration in his fans.

3. Batman doesn't kill
This is one of the most distinct character traits that makes Batman unique. He faces the worst that Gotham has to offer: criminals who are unforgiving, ruthless, and won't think for a second before taking a life. However, Batman doesn't cross the line of killing another person when dealing with such criminals, even if his own life is on the line.

4. Batman is a symbol
Describing Batman as just a mere superhero is heavily undermining the character's entire legacy. Batman is a symbol that sends a clear message of terror to the criminals of Gotham City. More so, for the fans, Batman is a symbol for overcoming one's fears. As per comic lore, Bruce Wayne (Batman) was scared of bats. However, Wayne turned his worst fear into his greatest strength and used it to fight for justice and spread a message of hope.

Batman has also been adapted for the silver screen, where the character has been portrayed by famous Hollywood stalwarts like George Clooney, Val Kilmer, Michael Keaton, Christian Bale, Ben Affleck, and very recently, Robert Pattinson.